Hailey and Jordan

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How We Met

We went to school together and didn’t really start talking until I asked him to our junior prom!

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How They Asked

We went to Omaha to celebrate our 6-year anniversary. Jordan wanted to go to the zoo as soon as we got to Omaha, but I didn’t want to because we’d get there at 4:30 and it closed at 5. He was dead set on going, but I was dead set on not, so he gave in and we went to the hotel. He then said we were going to explore Omaha before dinner. We pulled up to a really cute park, and he wanted to get out and look around. I didn’t want to go because it was packed full of prom goers, and I told him I just wanted to come back later. He insisted and wouldn’t let me drag my feet this time.

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We got out (against my protests) and started walking through the park. Just as we were crossing a bridge, I saw someone sitting in some bushes. I figured it was just someone taking pictures for all the prom kids. Then I hear someone scream my name. I turned and one of my best friends popped out of the trees, and the other popped up from the bushes. I was in shock, asking why they were there.

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They told me to turn around and there was Jordan on one knee with the most beautiful ring. He had planned all this (surprisingly without me figuring it out). Apparently, his original plan was to propose to me at the zoo (where my friends were already waiting for us), but because I was stubborn he had to change plans last minute. But it was perfect and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 🤍

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