Hailey and Garet

how we met

Hailey and I met her first Wednesday night of college. We were attending The College of Saint Scholastica. Every Wednesday evening the place to be was Skyline Bowling Alley. We were both there with our own group of friends. I honestly could not stop staring at this pretty brunette with a gorgeous smile. After a few drinks, I mustered enough courage to head on over and introduce myself to her. I have to say it did not go as well as I thought it could. We made small talk and I could definitely tell she was not really interested and wanted to enjoy her first night out with her friends. We both ended up going our separate ways. Our paths continued to cross being that our school was so small. It also helped that she was cheerleader for the hockey team that I played on. Finally, we ended up at the same party, and we talked the entire time and the night flew by for good reason. From there we continued talking and went on our first date to Hanabi. Soon one date turned into three, soon after I asked her if she would “be my girlfriend.” Thankfully she said yes and the rest is history.

how they asked

Garet asked me if I wanted to go to Bar La Grassa for one final date night of the summer and of course I agreed. We made a summer bucket list, as we always do, and one of the last items to cross of was mini golfing. Garet suggested that we go mini golfing at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden after dinner. When we arrived at the sculpture garden, I was reading plaques about the art while he was guiding me toward the cherry and spoon.

We were holding hands when Garet came to a stop and asked me to lift up a sheet placed on the ground. When I lifted the sheet there were candles in the shape of a heart, rose petals, photos of us, and a sign that said “Will you marry me?”

When I turned around he was down on one knee and I burst into tears. I can’t even recall what either one of us said. I later found out that my best friend and my mom were hiding nearby. The final surprise was waiting for me at Modist Brewery. He had gathered all of our friends and family to celebrate. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day!


Special Thanks