Hailey and Evan


How We Met

one BEAUTIFUL summer in Portland, Oregon

Boy Meets Girl.
Girl thinks boy is super cute
Especially while playing guitar with the worship band


Girl has crush on Boy. Boy has no idea.
Girl is best friends with Boy’s sister.


Girl thinks there is no possibility with Boy.
Boy’s sister interrogates Girl at church camp.
Boy’s sister decides she approves of Girl liking Boy.

They hit it off.

Boy starts liking Girl.
Boy puts his phone number in girls phone.
Girl decides maybe Boy isn’t so clueless after all…

Summer bonfires, movie marathons,
Summer camps, beach trips,

Girl likes Boy A LOT
But Boy still hasn’t called Girl “Girlfriend”

Girl and Boy have a “DTR” talk
(Define the relationship)
Boy leaves conversation thinking they are going to stay friends,
Girl leaves conversation thinking they will eventually be more than friends.

Girl continues to charm Boy with
Baked goods, fun adventures, and her cuteness

Fast Forward 6 months
Boy FINALLY asks Girl to start dating

Monthly adventures, late night movie nights,
Prom, basketball games, stargazing.
All that new relationship mushiness.

Fast Forward 1 year

Girl leaves to England for 3 months for Bible College
Boy and Girl miss each other lots.


Boy and Girl see each other on weekends,
They make the most out of their summer’s at home.

Fast forward a couple years,
Boy and Girl start looking at graduation
Girl starts to wonder what will happen once they graduate in 1 year…

how they asked

On our 4 year anniversary, Evan took me to the Oregon Coast, where we first started liking each other. When we got to the beach, Evan pulled out these dorky looking lanyards for our phones, and said we were going Geocaching.

The first Geocache we found had a book with a story of the entire first year we dated. Each of the next three Geocaches had stories of the next three years we dated. All day I was trying to convince myself this was just for our anniversary, and nothing more. But, when we started walking to Geocache #4, my heart was pounding.

We hiked up to a gorgeous overlook of the ocean, and I just knew this was it. We had been dating for four years and at the end of this Geocache, he was going to be on one knee.
The moment came, we got to the end of the story of us dating for four years…and…nothing.
I was a little disappointed, but knew I couldn’t be mad!

Just then, Evan said, “Hey, do you want to hike up to the top of that big Rock?”
Trying to play it cool, I said, “Sure, that sounds like fun.”


So, we hiked up the giant rock, called God’s Thumb, and Evan pulled out of his pocket a fifth book, that read, “This concludes the story as I know it. I hope you have enjoyed the tales of the epic adventures of Sir Evan and Lady Hailey. However, the adventure does not stop here. This is just the beginning.”


Evan got down on one knee, asked me to marry him, and I said “YES!”


…and had a freak out moment… Both our families met at the Salishan Resort for dinner, where I found out my two sisters and Evan’s two best friends captured the whole thing.


Turns out we walked directly under his two friends hiding in a tree with the camera on our way up to the rock!



The whole day encompassed everything we loved to do, going to the beach, adventuring, and spending time with friends and family.


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