Hailey and Eryk

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In my living room (Olympia, WA)

How We Met

I was 13 at the time when I had been at a friend’s house and met Eryk online in a chat room. At first, we found an interest in each other as friends, mostly because we were young and in two different countries thousands of miles apart. At the time, he lived in Rushden, England while I lived in Colorado, we eventually started “dating” but we still had no serious plans to meet each other yet. We sent pictures of vacations we went on and stayed up all night just to talk to one another through different time zones eight hours apart. Over the summer of 2015, I asked to make our relationship official by planning to meet each other, he agreed after nearly three whole years of being together. I moved from Colorado to Washington during junior year of high school, which was difficult but I always had my best friend to support me when I was crying at night from stress and home sickness. Finally, our first meeting was set in place for the summer of 2016, I was so nervous to pick him up from the airport, I nearly vomitted. The second he stepped out of the terminal however, I was immediately calm and felt like I was meeting my long lost friend, like it wasn’t the first time we’d meet. He spent three weeks in Washington going to the movies, eating lots of American food, and meeting a best friend he made through gaming online. We even bought a cat and a new car together. When it was time for him to go home at the start of my senior year, I was completely destroyed. I felt as though my comfort over the years was being taken away and we would never see each other again. Of course, we made plans to see each other in a few years after I graduated high school, but the wait was almost agonizing. I grew up as a military kid and I was used to my dad being deployed, but I was never able to fully cope with the idea of Eryk being gone.

how they asked

As senior year was coming to an end, my mom mentioned that there were many surprises in store for me for graduation, like having my best friend in Colorado fly up to Washington to celebrate. I was excited but Eryk was sure to confirm that he unfortunately wasn’t going to make it for the celebration, that he still planned on seeing me next year in 2018. My family from Missouri visited for graduation, they took me to our local zoo and spent the whole day laughing and eating until we went home. As I went to the couch for a nap, I could hear my family whispering, but I never bothered to eavesdrop. When I was woken up from my nap, Eryk stood over me smiling while I was struck with a realization that I wasn’t dreaming, that he was real and in front of me on the couch. I cried for what seemed like hours until I was finally calm to look at him and know something else was up. After seeing that I had calmed down, he pulled out a gorgeous ring and asked me to marry him, saying that after nearly six years he was ready to stay by my side for good.

Hailey and Eryk's Engagement in In my living room (Olympia, WA)

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