Hailey and Drew

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Boulder, Colorado

How We Met

When I was in 7th grade, all of the girls at my little Christian school in Missouri swooned over the cute, Bieber-hair, blue-eyed 8th grader– Drew. He was a basketball player and I was a cheerleader (lol). I definitely noticed him before he noticed me. At the end of the season I found the nerve to text him, “What’s up?” because that’s how middle schoolers start relationships, right? To my surprise and excitement, Drew text me back right away! All through the 2009 middle school track season, we did long jump together and very much took a liking to each other. In April, he asked me to be his girlfriend– through a text message! (Again, that’s how middle schoolers do that sorta thing).

Hailey and Drew's Engagement in Boulder, Colorado

Hailey's Proposal in Boulder, Colorado

Some of our first pictures together in 2009 We ended up making it all the way through high school together except for a 6-month break up his senior year. During that time, I had decided to go to college 12 hours away in Colorado. Just when we thought we were never getting back together, he came back and won me over all over again. The only problem was that I was not changing my mind in schools; therefore we are now on year three of our long distance relationship. From Missouri, to Colorado, to Arizona, we are making the most of every visit together.

Proposal Ideas Boulder, Colorado

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Boulder, Colorado

It has been over 7 and a half years of dating that FINALLY led up to the best day of my life.

how they asked

Since Drew and I are in a long distance relationship and have been together for over 7 years, I have definitely been on my toes every time we’ve seen each other lately. After dropping him off at the airport at Christmas with a ringless finger, I had no idea when he might get down on that knee. The week leading up to the proposal was a busy one getting back into school and college athlete life. However, I couldn’t help but pick up on little signs from both my friends and him that something was up. “I want to get my nails done, do you want to come?” “Oh I like to have my nails done for softball season” (lol what?) “I would definitely propose but I don’t even have a ring yet :(” “I have such a busy weekend!” I tried to keep talking myself in and back out of the idea that he was coming to Colorado soon.

After a long Saturday softball practice, I was so tired and was not really in the mood for much. My friends still insisted we went on our hike that we had been planning for a few days because they wanted a “friendship photo-shoot.” We all love the mountains and pictures so I started to get excited again. Knowing that it was already Saturday afternoon and school was on Monday, I thought Drew would have already showed up if it was happening that weekend. Since I totally gave up on the idea, I said to my friends, “Girls, I gotta be honest. I thought I was maybe getting engaged this weekend.” Little did I know, they were all freaking out on the inside! They played it off so well, thankfully. “Aww I’m sorry we made you think that!” “Don’t worry Hailey, it’s not here just yet.” By that point, engagement completely left my brain, and I really started to enjoy our girls day.

My friend told us about a hike that she wanted to do, so I just let her drive us to Boulder. We started hiking on the beautiful Green Mountain trail, and we made plans to take our cute pictures at the top. About 20 minutes in, we were getting a little tired. I ended up taking off my heavy coat and my pullover and was only left in a tank top for our trek through the snow. We were having so much fun laughing and hiking together.

Towards the end of the hike the girls “liked my pace” and wanted me to be in the front of the line.. so I went and basically started running. I wanted to get to the top already! Finally, I saw this rock stack thing 20 feet ahead that was at the top of the mountain. Right when that caught my eye, a handsome guy peaked around the stack (it kinda made me jump to be honest.. I didn’t know anyone was up there). It took me a couple seconds to realize that the guy was DREW! At that moment I was so happy to see him after almost a month, and I definitely knew why he was there. I turned around in shock at my friends and then back at him, and he told me so sweetly to come to him. So I went! Only after I put my pullover on again of course.. I couldn’t get engaged in my tank top :) After receiving the sweetest hug, kiss, and “I love you”, the moment that I had been waiting so long for happened. He dropped down to one knee with the prettiest ring in hand and asked me to be his wife.

After my “of course!”, I turned to see the beautiful mountain back drop we had for this special moment. God is good!

I then turned the other way to see my friends and another surprise– our friend Logan from Missouri taking our pictures! It was so perfect to have him and my best friends there to celebrate with us.

We just sat up at the top for a little while taking it all in. We got to hike down the beautiful snowy mountain at sunset all by ourselves. This gave him the chance to tell me everything.. that he had been waiting up there for over an hour (no wonder my friends were rushing me.. oops!), that he had flown in early to scout out the perfect proposal location, and that he had been planning this for a whole year. It was so so nice to just be together and alone God’s creation. At the end of our hike, we had an especially sweet moment to pray together. We thanked God for getting us this far, for letting everything go so perfectly that day, and for our future as husband and wife. I was then told we needed to go home to change and go to dinner. When I opened my front door though, 15 of my closest Colorado friends were there to congratulate us! My roommates decorated our apartment in the sweetest way, and it was so special to celebrate with everyone. Drew and I are so blessed! #HaileysaysiDrew

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