Hailey and Christian

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How We Met

I always tease Christian about this, but I’m pretty tall for a girl, and I wanted to go to my senior prom with a Y’all guy, so I could wear heels. And that’s how we began talking. Our first date was completely unexpected. We planned to see “The Dark Knight Rises” at midnight, but all of our friends ended up ditching out, and it was a night I spent getting to know someone who’d been in my friend group for years. We did end up going to prom together and have made so many more memories ever since.

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We have survived going to college in two different states, going up to three months without seeing one another. After graduation, I made the leap and moved to Sioux Falls, SD and spent a year adjusting to our life in the same city again. Now, we live together and have started the road to our happily ever after.

how they asked

Christian asked me to go on a hike at the Palisades National Park, on the day of our six-year anniversary. We began hiking on the “King and Queen” trail and stopped at a rock marked on the trail. I was taking some pictures, the view was breathtaking. Christian then took my hands and began to tell me how much he loved me, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his days with me.

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Special Thanks

Stefanie Johnson
 | Photographer