Hailey and Brydon

Where to Propose in In our home.

How We Met

Brydon and I met when I was 14 and he was 16. I would almost say it was love at first sight..we clicked the moment we met. We talked non stop and hung out as much as we could! We were “dating” without the title because I wasn’t allowed dating until I turned 16, but once I turned 16 Brydon asked me to be his official girlfriend at Boston pizza in front of the whole restaurant! Super embarrassing but super cute. We, of course, had some ups and downs and a lot of horrible stuff went down with his family and there was a period that we weren’t allowed seeing each other… but six years later, here we are with a nine-month-old son, a house and a wedding to plan!

How They Asked

It was December 24th around 2:30 in the afternoon. Our first Christmas in our home with our son! Brydon said he wanted to continue his family tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve, and the rest on Christmas Day. Our son “opened” his, Brydon opened his and then it was my turn. Brydon looked around the tree trying to find it and said he couldn’t, so he asked if I would check behind the tree and that it was in red wrapping! When I turned around to tell him I couldn’t find it he was on a knee holding the ring box. I freaked out right away and wanted to see the ring and was screaming yes. He said a sweet speech that I wish I remembered, but it was something about how happy we were and how we had a beautiful son and that Christmas was my favorite time of year so he knew it was the perfect time to ask. It was so romantic and just perfect.

Hailey and Brydon's Engagement in In our home.

Special Thanks

Cassidy Duncan
 | My sister went with Brydon to pick out the ring and helped him plan the perfect proposal!