Hailey and Bryan

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How We Met

Bryan and I met in college. I was one of the university’s hockey managers and he was the team captain. We were friends for a year before I finally asked him on a date with me. He to my team formal and we had a great time. He knew that it would be hard to be together since we were such good friends and I was the manager of his team.

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After being friend-zoned for a short month, he decided what he felt was more than friendship. Then we decided to give it a go! We spent almost all of our dates hiking and being outdoors. I always thought he would ask me out in that hiking spot but he got nervous and didn’t ask there. He ended up asking me back to my house the next day.

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How They Asked

It was a regular beautiful sunny Sunday morning in May. Except we were in the middle of pandemic and had limited options on what to do on this gorgeous Sunday morning. Bryan decided it would be the perfect time to revisit the hiking spot we had gone to many times before. The hiking spot was always been our spot.

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He had taken me there the day before he asked me to be his girlfriend. Assumed he planned to ask me to be his girlfriend there, however, rumor has it that he got too nervous to ask there. When proposing, he said he was waiting for a more special question to ask in that spot. I don’t remember too much past that because I think I blacked out. It was the most perfect proposal with our fur babies. I cannot wait to marry my best friend

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Special Thanks

Kristen Nagy
 | Photographer