Hailey and Benjamin's Adorable Marriage Proposal

Adorable Marriage Proposal

How We Met: Ben and I had high school freshmen P.E together, and we quickly became friends. Later on in the year, I broke my foot and he always carried my stuff to the elevator and walked me to my next class. Fast forward to our junior year when our paths crossed again when we both started attending the same church. After many hints from both sides, Ben finally asked me on our first date. We sat and talked for hours and we talked about everything from the time we were babies to talking about our hopes and dreams. We started dating at that point, shortly later Ben left for a internship at a church in Colorado and I left for a missions school in South Africa. We parted ways and stopped dating, but deep in my soul I knew if the Lord ever had our paths cross again then I knew we would get married. Almost three years later, Ben moved home and I did too. We instantly started seeing one another again and quickly fell back into dating.

how they asked: Ben sent me 12 long stem roses to work on December 23rd. On the card it said, “hurry home after work, wear something warm, we are going out tonight”. I tried not to freak out the whole day but it was hard not to fill my head with “what ifs”. I hurried home after work, and I got ready in record time! Ben picked me up and wouldn’t tell me anything (It is a good thing I love surprises). First stop was our favorite coffee shop, which is also where we went on our first date. Then we headed down town, he pulled into the parking lot of Jordan Valley Park. He said we had some time to waste before our next stop. We walked past the bench where he played me a song on our last date before he moved to Colorado. We were talking and laughing about all the things that we had been through and how far we had come in the passing years. When we got to the top of the hill I noticed a path of rose peddles on the ground. I stopped in my tracks when I realized what was going on.

Adorable Marriage Proposal

The next moments were a blur. Ben got down on one knee and asked me to be his best friend for the rest of my life.

Adorable Marriage Proposal


Of course I said yes!! As soon as I said yes, our closest friends and family all jumped up and screamed “yay” from the parking garage. Ben set the bar high, and I am not sure I have seen a better engagement since.. But then again maybe I’m bias!