Hailey and Andrew

Hailey and Andrew's Engagement in Norlo Park, Chambersburg PA

How We Met

Andrew and I went to high school together in Shippensburg, PA. When I was just 16 years old, that is where I met my soulmate and best friend. It was my junior year and my last class of the day was Physics. I walked in and met up with an old friend who had previous classes with Andrew, so she introduced us, and the three of us became lab partners. From that day on, he chased after me very persistently no matter how far I pushed him away. The three of us planned to go out to dinner on Black Friday in 2014, and on Thanksgiving night, our partner backed out at the last minute. He texted me and said, “Do you still wanna go Hailey?” With butterflies in my belly and shaky hands, I responded with a very hesitant “yeah, sure!” because my momma told me to. I knew he was interested in me, but I was absolutely terrified. No one had ever pursued me before and I didn’t know what to do!

The next day, he picked me up at 7 and we went to Texas Roadhouse. He had this super old, beat up Dodge Ram that was so loud I swear I was partially deaf for the next week. He paid for my meal even though I barely ate and was just such a gentleman. The next week at school, he was so eager to talk about our “date” with our partner but I refused to say a word. At this point, I knew I liked him, but I was way too awkward to admit it. With cherry red cheeks, I pushed the issue aside after making sure they knew it was NOT a “date,” and focused back in on our project. We continued talking every single day and in January came his last day of high school. I was so sad that I’d be finished with the class knowing I would no longer get to see him every day, and then that evening came along and he asked me out on a REAL date! I was still so nervous around him, but I remember running upstairs screaming to ask my mom if I was allowed to go. Of course she excitedly told me yes! So I ran back downstairs to confirm the plans and counted down the days until I saw him again. On January 25, 2015, Andrew took me to a small little pub in Chambersburg for dinner and we went to see American Sniper afterwards. We had so much fun together and laughed until our bellies ached. Back then, I had no idea we would turn into all that we are now, almost three years later! He is my best friend, my rock, and he gives a whole new meaning to the word “home.” My home is not a house. My home is a someone with gorgeous blue eyes and the most caring, loving heart I’ve ever known.

how they asked

On Labor Day of this year, Andrew and I both had the day off so we went to check out engagement rings. It was nothing serious, until I found the one I had always dreamed of. I didn’t really push the engagement until I found THE ring. Then pretty much every day leading up to our engagement, I snuck it into conversation, but he just pushed it aside. One day, we were out driving and I had a meeting at work. He dropped me off at the meeting and “came home because someone was coming to look at his truck.” Little did I know, he was buying my ring! So a couple of weeks went by and we had family pictures scheduled with his family so they could send out Christmas cards. My parents came to stay with us for the weekend as well, but I didn’t think much of it. So on October 28, I woke up and got ready for our “family pictures.” We drove over to Norlo Park where we met his family and started posing. His mom suggested I get a picture with his four little brothers since I didn’t have any with them. So there I am smiling away with the four of them until I hear footsteps. My heart immediately dropped because now I knew what was coming! Andrew tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned around, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I knew it was going to happen but I had no idea it would be a month after I picked out my ring! With tears in my eyes, I screamed YES! I had waited for this moment my whole life. My first boyfriend and high school sweetheart is now my fiance, and I couldn’t be more excited to one day call him my husband!

Hailey's Proposal in Norlo Park, Chambersburg PA

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