Hailee and Mike

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How We Met

Mike and I met in August 2019 when he finally built up the courage to dm me on Instagram. He replied to one of my stories and a few messages later he said he thought I was very beautiful and would like to take me on a date sometime.

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A little background, I have wiener dogs and he had a wiener dog so of course, he had to say that we were perfect for each other because of that. We started talking more and a week later we went on a date and we’ve been inseparable ever since! Oh and we adopted a wiener dog together a few months later🥰

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How They Asked

It’s always been a long-standing thing in my family that I ALWAYS catch the bouquet at every wedding I go to. My friend was getting married in August and during the planning, she would joke that “I’m just going to hand it to you because we know you’re next” and I would jokingly agree. The wedding day was here and I was so focused on doing my bridesmaid duties that my mind was not thinking about anything else. The DJ (who was my stepbrother) called all the single ladies to the dance floor for the bouquet toss. It was my time to shine lol. I get right up to the front ready to throw down anyone who was going to try and swipe it out of my hands.

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She calls out one, two, three, and instead of tossing it she turns around and hands it right to me. I was surprised but still, it wasn’t quite clicking in my brain what had just happened. I say aww thanks and turn around to show Mike what I had in my hands to see his reaction. Next thing I know I see him on one knee with the most beautiful ring ever! I was completely shocked and I instantly broke down sobbing😭I finally get myself a little bit together and say through my sobs “yes!” My stepbrother started playing our song and the rest of the night was spent saying “I had NO idea!” And connecting the dots of the previous days of him planning with my family without me knowing. It was perfect and I watch the video over and over again. I can’t wait to be his wife.🥰

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