Hadley and Jack

How We Met

People used to always tell me they believed in “love at first sight” and I wasn’t too sure. Now, I know with all my heart. Jack walked into Towne Lake Hills Golf Club where I was working and the moment I laid eyes on him, I knew he was made for me. I couldn’t stop smiling and could hardly make eye contact with him because I thought he was a literal angel. A few weeks later, after drinking all of the coffee and eating all of the bacon sandwiches Towne Lake had to offer, he finally gained the courage to ask me for my number. The rest is history.

how they asked

Jack and I always used to joke about proposing to one another. We’d get down on one knee in public or just ask while making each other dinner. Little did I know, Jack was up to something big. We arrived in New Zealand and went out to lunch at my favorite (gluten-free) pizza place with his mom and sister. Sharon mentioned she had purchased us an experience on Kapiti Island for our Christmas gift so we could all enjoy the time together. I was all for it! The morning before the hike, I was happily getting ready because I had bought an outfit specifically for any outdoor activity we might have ended up doing. I put on what I called my “safari shorts” and was ready before 8 AM (never happens). Jack and his family all seemed a little frantic, but I thought it was because no one had time for tea and breakfast. We were ready for an adventure!

Once we arrived at the ferry, we were asked to check our bags for mice or any other rodent that would further endanger the birds that live on the island. After that, we were able to board the ferry to get across to Kapiti island. Jack kept asking if I was okay and if I needed any water but I thought it was because he thought I might be seasick on the 7 min ride. I was fine! Guess someone was nervous :) Once we arrived on the island, our tour guide was telling us about all the birds that live on the island and the sounds they make so we could be on the lookout for them. I was so intrigued but I think I was the only one because everyone else was talking amongst themselves. We were finally able to go explore for four hours before being called back onto the ferry. Jack mentioned we should go down by the water in order to let the rest of the group get ahead of us since I didn’t want to hike a mountain with a bunch of strangers and I’m obsessed with the ocean. I was taking pictures of the water and the empty beach, then I turn around to Jack on one knee. I totally thought he was joking, but then I turned to Mollie and Robbie who reassured me that this was real. I started shaking and crying uncontrollably. I’m sure he had some big elaborate speech planned, but he only managed to get the words “will you marry me?” out. That was all I needed to say “yes” to being with my best friend for the rest of my life.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Kapiti Island, New Zealand