Hadar and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met while working in a restaurant in Philadelphia. Andrew worked in the kitchen as a line cook, and at the time I worked in the office. We didn’t speak too much in person at work, other than a hello (and me finding random reasons to go ask him questions in the kitchen). Finally, there was a staff party and I braved up and introduced myself.

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We were lucky enough that for a short period of time, Andrew got to work early and would leave around 5 or 6 pm so we got to know each other by spending time after work.

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I went back to working on the floor as a maitre d shortly after, and Andrew was promoted to the Sous Chef position so we got to spend all day together at work! A little over a month later, Andrew asked me to officially be his girlfriend, and we’ve spent almost everyday together since.

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how they asked

For Christmas/Channukah 2016, I gifted Andrew a trip to Madrid, Spain. He had never been out of the country before, and has always wanted to visit Spain. The trip was planned for the end of February, 2017 and we were eager to take a vacation. For the few months leading up to the trip, we had been house-hunting and Andrew always said a proposal wouldn’t happen until after we bought one. I totally believed him, since our mortgage consultant stressed that large purchases were not a good idea. Little did I know, Andrew had a conversation about the best way to go about buying a ring with our consultant without me knowing and had purchased one a month before our trip! We actually put an offer on a house (where we now live) 4 days before we left for our trip. We were finally on our way to Spain, and had some confusion getting from the airport to our hotel.

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I was tired, frustrated, and a little bit whiny – but Andrew just kept laughing as I dragged our bags miserably through the airport (I found out later he was laughing because I had no idea I was dragging around my ring in his carry-on). It was our second day in Spain and we were going to spend the day wandering in and out of museums, through cafes, and around the beautiful parks. Andrew had suggested I wear one of my dresses instead of the jeans and sweater I had on originally, and maybe that I should wear my hair down instead of in a messy bun, but none of these details made me think otherwise. Around 5 pm that day (5 pm, he didn’t show any signs all day!!) he suggested we take one more photo in the park before looking for a place for dinner. He asked where I wanted to take the photo, and I suggested an orange willow type tree we passed earlier. There happened to be a woman with a nice camera there, and Andrew asked her to take a photo of us on my Nikon. After the photo, he asked for one more. Both me and the lady were confused, but agreed. Next thing I know, he’s on his knee asking me to marry him.

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I was shocked, mostly because I was really in awe that he pulled this off – bought a ring and brought a ring on his first international flight! The woman kindly took a few photos of us, but ran away before I could properly thank her.

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Thank you, French lady, if you are out there! We had 2 lovely hours to ourselves to enjoy together, and then went back to the hotel to Skype our friends and family. We had 3 days left of our trip to celebrate, and came home to a family dinner with my family. It was the perfect trip, and the perfect proposal.

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Special Thanks

Brad Gellman
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring