Gwendolyn and Justin

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How We Met

Meeting one another was more of a “coincidence” if anything. We both stayed after school waiting to get picked up and somehow meandered to the library where the debate club meeting was taking place. Neither of us had any interest but we stayed in that meeting, noticing each other for the first time and sneaking glances whenever we could although admittingly I think I started to stare. Finally a mutual friend introduced us and the rest is history.

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how they asked

It was the night before graduation, we had rented out a house and estate that had a garden and waterfall overlooking the house. All of my family members, Renee’s family members, friends, and fraternity brothers were at the graduation reception. One of my fraternity brothers walked Renee up the hill on the side of the lake as we pretended to take fraternity pictures with her in the middle. Eventually the photographer asked to get a shot of just me and Renee. It was nighttime so we stepped into a spotlight that was shining at the top of the hill overlooking the waterfall. As we stepped into the light I asked her if we could take a picture back to back. At the bottom of the hill across from the water our family sat in a gazebo watching the whole thing as I pulled a microphone out of my jacket, cued the music to start, got on one knee, and asked Renee to turn around. After jumping up and down and running halfway down the hill, she finally came back and said the only word I need to hear, “Yes.”

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