Gustavo and Danae

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How We Met

Our story started in the fall of 2009. It was my Senior year and Danae’s Junior year. As I walked into my Art class on the first day of school I saw that my classmates and I were going to be assigned by our last names. I sat down and at the corner of my eye, I saw the most beautiful girl walking towards me. I remember seeing this girl multiple times throughout the school in years prior but I never had the guts to walk up to her and introduce myself. Well to my excitement this girl sat next to me!! I couldn’t believe what was happening, the most beautiful girl in the whole entire world was right next to me. I had to play it cool though so I didn’t talk to her for the first couple of days. Our art teacher assigned us an assignment of drawing the person in front of us. I was nervous because this would require me to speak to this girl. I began to draw her and she turned the page over to show me what she drew and the very first thing I ever told her was “that’s not how you do stupid.” I was shocked that after all this time those were the very first words I would speak to her.

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Fast forward from that day, The girl which I found out her name was Danae we’re best friends! I knew everything about her and she knew the same of me. I loved how she made me feel about myself. Fast forward through many ups and downs and everything in between December 25, 2012, which we finally made it official when we first became a couple and we have grown together ever since.

How They Asked

I proposed to Danae on December 17th, 2017. I watched YouTube video after YouTube video of proposals. I had to get it right and perfect for Danae but I just couldn’t find the right way I wanted to ask her. Then finally Danae suggested we take Christmas pictures so I came up with this idea that I won a free photoshoot from my friend Jason! I told her it was going to be in a barn out in the middle of nowhere haha. On the way to the venue I was so stressed and nervous but I was still trying to keep it a secret.

I told all of our friends and families to be there exactly at 7:17 and not a minute later which of course didn’t go to plan. I was so mad and frustrated at this point haha. Jason began to take “pictures” which he was secretly recording us for the proposal video! We made our way to inside the barn which we took some more poses and my phone vibrated that everyone was here. It was go time! Then the unthinkable happened, Aaliyah had to use the restroom! My world was crashing I don’t know what to do but my quick thinking friend help move everyone to the other side of the barn so Danae never saw them. Then finally it was go-time… again!

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I got the cue from Jason and I let go of Danae’s hand and got on one knee which at the same time all our family and friends were waking in surprising her! I could say I said the most romantic speech ever but I honestly can’t remember what I said to Danae. All I know is I pulled out the ring and shook my head up and down and in that moment of utter shock, surprise and joy Danae filled tears in her eyes said, “Yes”.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Jason Cortez
 | Videographer