Gunjan and Karan


How We Met

Karan and I met by a crazy coincidence in Ottawa, Canada. We both live in Toronto, but I was in Ottawa for a work internship and he was there for just a few days to write the final exam for his professional designation. We were introduced to each other by mutual friends and the rest is history. I guess it was meant to be, that he met me the night before writing his final exam. We built a close friendship and in time, knew we want to spend our lives together.

how they asked

Karan called me at work around 11:30 am and asked me if I’m up for a date in downtown after work. He said that someone was selling two tickets to something at work and he bought them. I couldn’t say no, plus I love any excuse to go downtown with him. We met after work and made our way to the venue. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going even though I kept asking where. We got close to the Rogers Centre so I guessed we are going to a baseball game. He said nope, and before I knew it we walked towards a sign that read, “CN Tower Edge Walk”. I froze at the thought of walking around the edge of the CN Tower, where we’d be 1,168 ft. above ground. I was like, “There’s no way I’m doing this. Let’s go. I’m not gonna do this.” He said this is exactly why he didn’t want to tell me where we are going, because I’d never agree (eliminating any potential thoughts that this was actually a proposal date).


I was in denial but also wanted to do this adventure with him. I finally prepared myself and decided to go for it (as if he had really given me a choice in the first place). We signed the waiver forms and I took the deepest breath ever. We went up with a group of 6 people and a very fun team lead. Her fun nature is quite possibly the only reason I was able to keep my cool. We finally headed out and walked around the edge. I was terrified the entire time and couldn’t think of anything else. Before we knew it, the best part had come. Pictures, duh. Our team lead stopped us at a spot where the sunset was right behind us. It was a stunning view with the sun setting against Toronto and us hanging right above the city. Karan got his pictures done, we did a few couple ones and then it was my turn to get solo shots taken.



I was barely able to pose with the fear of falling on my mind but somehow got my photos taken.


As soon as the team lead finished taking my photos, she nodded her head at Karan. Before I could figure anything out, Karan walked over in front of me while I hung by the edge, and got down on one knee.


It took me a few seconds to realize what is going on. It wasn’t until he said “Dear Gunjan Sudesh Gite…” that it truly hit me that he is indeed proposing.


Needless to say, it was an incredible and exhilarating proposal.


It was the promise of adventure and happiness for a lifetime and I couldn’t have asked for a better memory.


All of this was made possible with the help of the CN Tower Edgewalk Team who had coordinated the details with him. We are grateful for their help with the proposal and also for capturing photos and video footage.


Karan told me later, that he tried to organize it so that our friends and family could do the Edgewalk with us but it didn’t work out. However, he planned an intimate dinner with close friends and family afterwards and this was the best way to end our special evening.








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CN Tower Edge Walk
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