Guinwa and Samir

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How We Met

We met 3 years ago through mutual friends. Being that we both majored in biology and didn’t want to pursue anything in the medical field made us click right away. But I wasn’t ready for a commitment back then and felt like he wanted to get serious which freaked me out so we both stopped talking but would still follow up on each other and support each other through our business ventures. He was definitely a smart man though cause he knew exactly what to do to make me comfortable and open to the idea of getting into a serious relationship. Our fights were numerous but that was because we were so alike!!! We are both hard headed and ambitious. We both want things our way and we both have way too much pride to admit when we are wrong.

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All along, I have to admit that he was such a gentleman!!!! He always offered to pick me up for our dates and would take me to the nicest restaurants. He even enrolled us in private salsa classes when I expressed how much I love ballroom dancing and wanted to learn it professionally. His passion, hard work and how he treats his family made me fall in love with him. I have never met a man who gives so much to make sure everyone around him is comfortable.

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He was also so adventurous and creative!!! On every birthday he would surprise me with a birthday celebration bigger than the one before it. Keep in mind, at that point, I did not even kiss him. It was more innocence so he wasn’t getting anything in return, he was just such a genuine man and treated me with so much respect. It’s so rare to find that these days and admire and appreciate how patient he was with me along the way.

Guinwa's Proposal in Orlando, Florida

How They Asked

He had an award ceremony in Orlando Florida and wanted me to fly with him but being a Muslim Arab, there was no way my parents would allow me to fly out with him when there isn’t anything official between us so, he offered to fly my sister with me (she actually filmed the entire vlog, behind the scene and everything on her channel and it currently has 267,000 views).

Anyways, he had me thinking that we will have a photoshoot together in Orlando since we always talked about wanting to do a shoot together. When I was at work, he came over and asked for my dad’s permission and told them that he will be proposing. I literally had no idea. During our shoot, I was even taking selfies and had him take behind the scene footage of me. Our photographer was a great actor as well, he had me thinking that the last location which was at Waldorf Ostario, had a helicopter that we can take pictures INFRONT of as long as we don’t touch it.

Obviously, I got super excited but it turns out it was rented for our proposal and our friends were watching us from behind and recording everything. I was in complete shock, I did not expect to turn around and see my now fiancé on his knees. I literally thought I was dreaming.

The set up was so perfect, the photographer has us shoot in multiple locations making it seem like it’s an actual photoshoot and in 3 different outfits. When the photographer told me to throw some rose petals as I’m turning, he convinced me that the reason he is doing that is to add a reflection of red in the photos. He even had my fiancé do it before me so there was no way I would think something is up. It was overall just PERFECT.

Guinwa and Samir's Engagement in Orlando, Florida

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