Our 50 Favorite Groomsmen Gift Ideas

While we do love a challenge, trying to pick out gifts for your groomsmen can be an added stress on top of planning for your big day. After all, you’ll want to find gifts that are unique and can be used long after your wedding day. So how can you express your gratitude for the men that do a lot more than just throw a crazy bachelor party? We’ve rounded up our 50 favorite groomsmen gifts – from a personalized BBQ grilling set to a bacon and bourbon candle – read on to see some of our must-haves.

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Monogrammed Cooler

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This is by far one of our favorite gift ideas (and it’s budget-friendly!). Stock up each one of the personalized coolers with each guys’ beverage-of-choice and throw in a few little fun party favors – they’re sure to use this cooler long after the big day.

Stainless Steel Personalized Flask Set

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They’re traditional yet modern, and a perfect personalized reminder of how important they were to you on this big day. The flasks will come in use the day of (we can promise you that) and will be the perfect takeaway from the special day.

Personalized BBQ Grilling Set

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Is there anything guys love more than grilling? (Other than football, we don’t think so). Personalize this grilling set for each one of your groomsmen and while we don’t know how much use they’ll get on the actual wedding day, they’re sure to be used for years to come.

USA Beer Cap Map

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While this gift isn’t exactly useful for the big day, it’s fun! This is the perfect wall decor for their man-cave. Start a challenge between all of the groomsmen – who will be the first to fill up the slots? This gift is sure to help create memories and is a fun twist on your gift.

Personalized Whiskey Gift Set

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It’s elegant and classic – how could anyone not love this gift set!? Whether they’re going to keep it on display in their home or use it regularly, this gift shows how thankful you are for your groomsmen.

Stainless Steel Personalized Drink Tumbler

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When they go to pour their coffee for their morning commute, they’ll think of their role played in your special day! This tumbler is perfect – and comes in 15 different colors and 4 different designs. Go for the classic stainless steel look or match the color of your wedding day!

Personalized Leather Wallet

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You always need a new wallet – so why not personalize them and give them as a gift? This is one we know your groomsmen will use daily.

Personalized Wooden Cigar Box

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This is another classic – you can’t go wrong here. Whether they enjoy cigars or not, this item could be the perfect decor. The personalized touch gives it the perfect amount of elegance.


Mens Wooden Watch

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Not only will all of your groomsmen have a matching accessory for your big day, but they’ll also have something they can wear and use daily. Every man needs a watch, why not gift them one?

Leather Journal

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While you might not think of this gift for your groomsmen, it’s a great idea. Whether it be for work, for their to-do lists, or for writing in general, we think they’ll cherish this gift for a while.


Leather Toiletry Bag

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Fill these up with shaving cream, beard gel, travel-size shampoo and conditioner, razors, and cologne, and have them set up for your groomsmen on the day of the wedding. They’re sure to be excited about these new bags on the big day, as well as in the future.


Groomsmen Socks

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The perfect way to make their wedding-day suits a little more fun! Have every one of them wear matching socks (choose your wedding colors if possible) and ask your photographer to get a fun sock-shot!

Engraved Wine Bottle Opener/Bottle Opener

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The perfect little “tool” that every guy needs to carry on them…at all times. Personalize these bottle openers so your groomsmen are reminded of the role they played in your special day every time they’re having a drink!

Groomsmen “Rule” Card

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How creative (and funny) are these!? Hand one out to each of your groomsmen the day of the big day – they’ll be sure to bring some laughs!

Personalized Pocket Watch


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It’s the perfect traditional accessory for the wedding day, but it’s also something that they can cherish forever to remember your special day! We love the personalized touch!


Personalized Golf Ball Box

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Every guy (or so we thought) loves to golf, so why not give them the perfect place to keep their golfballs? It’s unique, personal, and can even be used as decor!


Casino Card and Dice Set

First of all, who doesn’t love card games!? We LOVE this casino game set…Everyone needs one of these in their home! Give your groomsmen a gift that they’ll actually use and enjoy!!


Beard Grooming Kit

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Get your groomsmen all prepped for the big day with this beard grooming kit! It includes six products to keep your groomsmen looking spiffy for the big day!


Personalized Whiskey Barrel

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We love the rustic vibes here – plus, it’s definitely something your groomsmen have never seen before!

Match Bottle with Striker

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We love how unique this is! It’s not your typical match-book, but matches in a jar! It’s the perfect little trinket to give as a small ‘thank you’ to all of your groomsmen.


Personalized Tie Clip and Cufflinks Set

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Your groomsmen are likely to need cuff links and a tie clip the day of the wedding – but they’ll also need these in the future. Make sure all of your groomsmen are matching in their personalized accessories for your big day.


Best Man and Groomsmen Whiskey Glass

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Everyone needs an engraved whiskey glass, right? Personalize these for your groomsmen, best man, and even for the fathers of the bride and groom!


Customized Beer Mug

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Well, if you need an engraved whiskey glass (see above), you’re likely to need an engraved beer glass too!



Buy this Tile pack

This might seem like a strange gift to give your groomsman, but for the guy who’s always losing his keys or wallet: this gift is perfect. It’s useful and 100% something they’ll be using long after the big day.


Beer Making Kit

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How FUN is this kit!? Pick out which kit suits which groomsman – from IPA to brown ale, this gift is sure to entertain your wedding part (after the big day – you don’t need any more added activities on the day of!)


Sound Bar

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This is a pretty extravagant gift, but we think it’s worth it. It’s useful and something any one of your groomsmen can enjoy.


Mens Moccasin Slippers

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EVERY guy needs slippers – so why not treat your groomsmen to a new pair? (They’re likely to want to wear them the morning after…)


Groom’s Brew Crew

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Of COURSE you’re going to need these – have you been to a wedding or bachelor party where these weren’t there!? (The answer is no). If you’re going to drink, drink in style!


Whiskey Globe

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This is one of those gifts that we never knew we needed…until now. We’re obsessed with this set – and it’s perfect to keep on display!


The Sandlot Poster

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Who doesn’t love The Sandlot!? (Trick question…the answer is nobody). This movie poster is sure to bring back memories from each one of the groomsman’s childhood, and what a better gift to give on a reminiscent day!?


City Map Wooden Coaster Set

How cool are these!? Choose the city each groomsman is from (or choose the city where the wedding is taking place), and give these city-street coasters!


Personalized Copper Mule Glass

We love a good copper mug – who doesn’t!? These personalized mugs are the perfect gift on your special day, and we love how personal you can make them!


Baltic Amber Beaded Bracelet

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Baltic Amber is not only a beautiful gem, but *supposedly*a warm and healing stone that calms and removes inner pain…regardless, we think these bracelets would be perfect for you and your groomsmen to wear on the big day (and long after, too!)


Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Ground Coffee

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Yep, you heard it here first… Apparently ground coffeeJack Daniel’s sells …and how cool that it comes in this collectable tin!? We couldn’t think of a better “morning-after” gift for your groomsmen!


Personalized Money Clip

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While you probably won’t be giving your groomsmen any cash (they WISH), we think these personalized money clips are the perfect gift to express your gratitude.


Hot Sauce Making Kit

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First a beer making kit, now this… you’re probably thinking, “What’s with these people and food kits?” sorry, not sorry. This kit is TOO cool and we know any one of your friends will have such fun using it!


Beer Bottle Caddy

While we love a typical cooler, there’s nothing better than an organized caddy for your bottles! This is the perfect gift that can be used at the golf course, fishing, at a cookout, or even just to bring out on the back deck!


Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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Summer is here – you know what that means! Endless lake days, beach days, pool days, whatever it may be. We know your groomsmen will want to have their “Summer 2019” Spotify playlist on – so why not gift them a waterproof Bluetooth speaker?


Bacon and Bourbon Candle

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We mentioned this gift in our Amazon Prime Engagement Gift Guide, but seriously, how COOL!? Any guy would love this scented candle, I mean how could you NOT!?


Burt’s Bees Men’s Gift Set

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We loooooooove Burt’s Bees and we know your groomsmen will, too! This kit comes with five products and is already gifted in the perfect yellow tin! (No wrapping? We’re in).


Make Your Own BBQ Sauce Kit

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Honestly, maybe we were a little hungry while making this kit… Oh well! Maybe your groomsmen aren’t “hot sauce” kind-of guys (see hot-sauce making kit above) but who doesn’t love tangy BBQ sauce!? How cool does this kit look!?


YETI Colster

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This YETI Colster is a must-have for anyone. It’ll keep your drink cold and your hands…(well, not so cold?) There’s so many colors to choose from – we don’t think you can go wrong with anything YETI!


Engraved Essentials Gift Set

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This office essentials kit is the perfect reminder of your big day. Your groomsmen can keep this set at home, in their office, and at work.


Suit Up Cards for your Groomsmen

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You’re going to have to ask them to be your groomsmen somehow…cards? so why not send them these simple yet witty


Groomsmen Pre-Made Gift Box

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Don’t want to do any more work on your big day than you need to? We don’t blame you. These gift boxes are already put together perfectly for your groomsmen!


Cherry Wood Cigar Ashtray

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While not all guys love cigars, we do think that this fold-up ashtray is the perfect little tool for any cigar-loving groomsmen.


The Hungover Cookbook

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Let’s be real… All The Hungover Cookbookof your groomsmen are probably going to need to use this the morning after the big day, so why not gift it to them at the perfect time?! is too funny (and accurate…).


Multi-Tool Mini Wooden Toolset

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All handy-dandy groomsmen need a handy-dandy toolset, right!? Right. We want to emphasize the fact that you’re going to want to give gifts that will go to use, otherwise, they’re a waste of money! This toolset is the perfect example of something your groomsmen can use (and probably will) long after your big day.


Smart E-Book Notebook

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We neeeeeeed this!!! For any of your corporate working or super organized groomsmen – this is the gift for them (but after you read a little more about it, you’ll probably want it for yourself too!). After you write your notes down, you can drop your notes to Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, iCloud, email, …you name it! We LOVE this!


Weekender Duffle

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Give this gift to your groomsmen a few days before the big day, and have them pack all of their belongings in this duffle! It’s the most useful gift you could give! Stash it with a few goodies so the surprise doesn’t end with the bag!

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