Courtney and Griffin

How we met

Courtney: At fifteen, Griffin left his home in California to pursue a career in hockey. Hockey took him all over to country and eventually to Chesapeake, Virginia. At age 20, he was playing his last year in juniors before going to college. It was June and preseason practice was about to start. By God’s grace, Griffin struck up a friendship with the secretary at the rink (my sister). One day after practice he mentioned he was studying to retake the SAT because he thought he could do better on the math portion. My sister mentioned that her little sister (me) was tutoring math at the local community college and gave him my number.

The next day I got a text from Griffin explaining that he knew my sister and understood I could help him with math. We planned to meet on June 28, 2014 at Barnes & Noble. I had been tutoring for a few years, so I did not think anything of this request. Little did I know I was about to meet my soulmate! I had been out late the night before at a wedding, so I threw on a t-shirt and braided my un-brushed hair. I grabbed an old SAT book and headed out the door. I checked my phone and there was a text from Griffin that read, “Hey, I am sitting at the Starbucks. I am in a red t-shirt.” I respond, “Sorry, running late. Be there in ten” (He will soon learn that I am always late). I pulled up to Barnes & Noble and headed inside.

I walked over to the Starbucks and scanned the tables. I found an attractive blonde in a red shirt in the middle of the shop. I only had one thought, CRAP. I was not expecting to be meeting anyone this good looking (He says he thought the same thing when he saw me). I walked over and introduced myself. From the beginning, Griffin was kind and easy to talk to. We reviewed his practice test in less than 20 minutes and spent over an hour getting to know each other. By the end of the session, neither of us wanted to leave. As we walked out he promised to repay me with dinner sometime. A few weeks later we planned a date to the beach. The rest is history!

how they asked

Griffin: After two blissful years, I knew with complete certainty that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Courtney. Her selflessness and kind nature had won my heart forever. I wanted to create a special and truly memorable proposal for the girl who changed my life. I decided to ask her to be my wife on the beach where we had gone on one of our first dates. We had spent hours sitting in the sand under the stars that night, learning about the intimate details of each other’s lives. I often look back on that as the moment I fell in love with her. I wanted that place to not only represent the conception of our relationship, but the formal start of our life-long commitment to each other.

During our winter break, I had arranged for Courtney and myself to go on a date to a new restaurant near the beach. The plan had been set in motion, and she had absolutely no idea. I had purposely avoided the discussion of marriage for the months leading up so that she would be completely unaware. Prior to the big night, I meticulously planned the event. With help from a local wedding planner and photographer, we had planned for a beautiful arrangement on the beach.

Once the night arrived, I could hardly contain my excitement. I picked her up from her house and we began our last drive as boyfriend and girlfriend. She was completely oblivious, but my anticipation was palpable. I can hardly remember the conversation we had in the car as I was so fixated on the proposal. Once we arrived at the beach, I knew that the time was almost upon us. I could see the photographers in the distance and only prayed she did not put the pieces together prior to me taking that knee.

As we approached the beach, she spotted the floral arrangement in the sand. Her initial thought was that someone else had planned an event. Once we got closer, she began to pull away as she did not want to intrude on their work. After tugging Courtney along the meandering trail of flowers, we came upon the centerpiece; a huge heart of flowers with a bouquet in the middle. She was still reluctant to get near all of this as she did not want to mess it up. After a few attempts to get her inside of the heart, I conceded that this was all for her. I watched as her demeanor changed from confusion to shock and utter euphoria.

As I kneeled before her, she began to cry. Before I could even those four fateful words out of my mouth, she was nodding overwhelmingly. I sprung up to kiss the woman who agreed to be my life partner. The girl who was unsure about disturbing flowers in the sand, was unequivocally certain that she wanted to marry me. It was the happiest most satisfying moment in my life, and I would not trade the memory for anything in the world.

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