Greycen and Daniel

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How We Met

Daniel and I met during our freshman year at Georgia Tech. He is from Charlotte, NC and I am from Augusta, GA. I never wanted to attend Georgia Tech but ended up deciding to commit last minute. During my first semester, I began attending weekly events at a campus ministry called Christian Campus Fellowship (CCF). I met Daniel at one of the first freshman events at the beginning of the school year. The event ended with games at one of the freshman’s house. Daniel was quick to ask me for a ride and jumped in my car. After that night, we clicked and started hanging out. We discovered that we had a lot in common and enjoyed the same adventurous activities. I eventually confessed my feelings for him and I was glad to learn he felt the same. After a few months of getting to know each other, we started dating and here we are almost 3 years later. Looks like God had a plan for me to attend Georgia Tech after all!

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how they asked

In February 2018, Daniel and I started an exchange program in Brisbane, Australia. On our 2nd to last weekend in Australia, we had planned a weekend getaway with 3 other friends. No one had made any hints about the proposal the week leading up to the trip. Daniel and I organized the meals for the weekend and shopped for the groceries. I mentioned I wanted a cheeseboard so we stocked up with cheese for an after beach snack. The weekend started with a cookout and card games on Friday night. On Saturday morning, we cooked breakfast and spent a few hours laying on the beach and playing volleyball. We decided that after we came in for lunch, we would go ahead and get ready for dinner so we could have time to enjoy the sunset. While getting ready, one of our friends suggested we should have our cheeseboard on the beach while watching the sunset. I thought the idea was fantastic and was all for it. Daniel and our friend Cody said they would go to the beach and set it up while the girls finished getting ready. This was totally normal for these guys because of their detail-oriented nature. One of the girls, Elaina, urged me to look nice because she wanted to take a group photo. I finished my makeup with the other two girls and we started our trek to the beach. Cody called and told us to walk slower because they weren’t finished setting up, but I still thought nothing of this. When we finally got to the beach, everyone was taking videos and admiring the gorgeous picnic laid out before us. Music was playing on the speaker and Daniel grabbed me and started swing dancing. Before I could catch my breath, he had slowed down and was telling me he loved me. Then, I looked down and he was on one knee asking me to marry him.

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Special Thanks

Elaina Thompson
 | Photographer
Cody Rasco
 | Planning
Kasey Rutkowski
 | Planning