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My fiancé, Tim, & I always say we should come up with a cooler story for how we met but, truth be told we met through! Our first date was casual drinks with appetizers, followed by tons of interesting questions & fun facts. Fast forward 3 years, we were laying in bed one morning when I saw my favorite photographers giving away a free photo shoot. I asked Tim, “I know we aren’t engaged, but would it be weird if I submitted our story for this?” Thankfully, he was totally on board! So there I was writing a little summary of our relationship and submitting pictures with my fingers crossed that I would get a response. Well… WE DID! I was so excited, but Tim seemed uninterested at this point with the whole adventure. On the way to the photo shoot I vividly remember trying to put my hand on his leg and he moved my hand away from him! I thought he was just frustrated having to drive an hour for a photo shoot, but in actuality, the ring was in the pocket I put my hand on and he was insainly nervous. So, September 26th, 2017, we stroll up to meet withloveandembers and have an incredible photo shoot. They made us feel so comfortable and play fun games by whispering funny things into eachothers ear. It was perfect! We both forgot they were there. Toward the end of the shoot, we walked to this stunning location and Jill asked us to stand apart, close our eyes, and wish good things for our partner. This seemed so normal to me after playing so many other games during the shoot that I didn’t think anything of it! So there I was, eyes closed, wishing sweet things for Tim when Jill said, “okay open your eyes!” Sure enough, Tim was on one knee looking up at me. I began crying immediately and he asked me the perfect question, “Gretchen, will you marry me?” I shook my head and said “yes” in between sobs then jumped into his arms. Not only had he planned the perfect moment, but he had incredible photographers capturing it the whole time.

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