Gretchen and Kenny

How We Met

Kenny and I first met each other through a dating website. We decided to take a chance and meet each other out. We found out we had much in common and even knew of the same people growing up. We did not initially agree to start dating after that first meeting, (my mistake!) but decided to start a friendship. I had told Kenny of my plans to become more fit and join a running group that fall. He had told me that he thought that sounded like a fun thing to do and he said he would like to try it too. After spending more and more time together in the running group and even doing things outside of it, I found out Kenny was a good person and I really enjoyed being around him and spending time with him.I found myself liking him more than a friend. All else is history.. :)

how they asked

Kenny and I have always enjoyed being outside and going on hikes and walks. On this particular day, we had decided to go for a hike on the Lewis and Clark trail with our dog, Auggie. We were both very familiar with the trail. We had spent much time on it in our running group, and even on hikes outside of the group. It was a beautiful, fall day. The sun was shining bright and it was chilly, but pleasant. Like usual, we had decided to put Auggie’s backpack on him to carry water (and come to find out, something else!). We decided to stop at the top of a particularly large hill where it came to a beautiful overlook for a water break. I sat down as Kenny was taking care of Auggie. He then came over and sat down by me. He told me he had been waiting for the perfect moment and this was it.He pulled out the ring. My breath was taken, it was so beautiful! Of course I said yes! It was perfect. Come to find out, he even had champagne to celebrate! He could not have made it any more special and wonderful.:)

Image 1 of Gretchen and Kenny