Gretchen and Derrick

Proposal Ideas Cruz Bay, St. John

How We Met

It was a HOT 93 degrees in July of 2013. I was headed home from my school’s Summer Camp and really excited that I was going to catch the 3:35 train. Still, in my camp shirt, I walked all the way down to the end of the platform when I spotted Derrick. He was in a white t-shirt, khaki pants, and work boots. He was so handsome. After we rode on the same train, we both departed from the terminal and went our separate ways. A few days later, on the same platform and in the same camp shirt I saw him there again. It would still take another sighting to actually connect. It was attempt number three where Derrick adds that he missed a meeting and a train to make sure that he saw me there that day. It worked.

I was waiting for the train at the end of the platform as he approached. As Derrick came closer I took out my headphones, and so did he. “If we ride the same train, we should probably know each other’s names”, he said. We got on the Path and got familiar with each other. He walked me to my apartment and we exchanged numbers. Thanks to a vote of confidence from Casey, I texted Derrick the next day and asked him to hang out. After drinks, we decided we could stand each other enough to extend it to dinner at Sushi Lounge, although, I would find out later that Derrick does not enjoy sushi. We then moved on to have drink or two at the bar across the street, and the rest is history

How They Asked

We went on vacation for the third time together in St. John and St. Thomas. We had the most beautiful view from our Air Bnb, and St. John was gorgeous. We spent our first day at the beach and had a delicious dinner. The following day we went hiking. I texted my friend saying, “man if it was happening, this would just be perfect.” But it didn’t happen.

It still was beautiful. The next day, we went to the beach and brought homemade rum drinks. We returned back and decided to grill out on our deck for the night. I was really excited about our plan. I decided to make homemade painkillers, the official drink of the islands. we stood out on the deck as the sunset, still in our suits.

All of a sudden Derrick starts telling me how wonderful the last 6 years have been. I agreed, totally unaware. He then pulled something from his pocket. He said, “if we’re going to keep going on these trips, we may as well be married.” (A nod to the first line he said to me.) I started cursing like a sailor, and he told me I had to give him an answer, which of course was one hundred percent, YES. And now I get to marry my best friend!!