Gretchen and Daniel

How We Met

Sunday, May 15th, 2016 is a day that I will never forget. At the time I was living in Savannah, GA and working as a bartender at Tubby’s Tank House in Thunderbolt, GA. I decided to pick up a Sunday shift at the inside bar for a friend, it was dead and I got released early. As I was walking out to my car I passed the patio bar where I saw a guy that I had served until close the night before (Spoiler Alert: this guy is not “the one”). He yelled over to me something sarcastic about how I cut him off the night before (I didn’t) but this was somewhat of an inside joke with us and everyone looked over at me. Already feeling awkward and ready to head home, he asked me to sit for a drink with him. I called my roommate and told her to meet us at the bar for a little Sunday funday.

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As we waited for her we chatted and drank $1 well drinks, all of the sudden a friend of his walked up. I will never forget this moment because his friend just walked up shook my hand, introduced himself as Daniel and nodded the friend to shift down a seat at the bar and sat right in-between the two of us. Daniel and I spoke for forever it seems, never having a lull in the conversation. I wasn’t intimidated because right off the bat he told me how he was only back home in Savannah temporarily for about another 2 weeks until he was to move to his new job as an Assistant Manager at a hunting and fishing club. We bonded over me telling him that I love cheesy pick up lines and taking each other’s phones and swiping on Tinder.

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We even made a bet that the first person to get the other a date for that night would owe the other drinks for a month (I was closest to winning – but little did we know at that moment that Daniel would be the one buying me drinks from that day on). He swooned me (city girl from Cincinnati) over by telling me his go to pick up line was typically “do you want to know 5 facts about opossums?” Of course, I told him I wanted to hear them, after telling me the 3rd fact I asked for the next and he laughed saying “one second I have to think of another, I usually don’t make it this far without the girl walking away.” I will never forget that opossums have 13 nipples making a circle with one in the middle (hahahahahaha). We then went to Huckapoos and continued to talk until the closing time as if it were only the two of us there.

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On the way back home I rapped ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’ in the car (the moment Daniel now says was the moment he knew I was the one for him). Since I hadn’t been living in Savannah long and needed friends before I got out of the car I asked for his number, he gave it to me and I gave him a hug, putting him straight into the friend zone, and left. When telling the story now Daniel says I gave him a grandma hug when he was going in for the kiss and I die laughing every time. Daniel text me the next morning and about every day for 5 days a pick up line.

I didn’t text him back until Friday when he sent me a tinder conversation that was too hilarious to nudge off. After I text back Daniel asked me to meet him downtown for lunch with our pups. We spent that day and the next 6 together until he had to move to Eastern North Carolina for his new job. We spent the next 5 months taking turns visiting each other as much as possible during our long distance relationship. So many days spent fishing/hunting, watching sunsets, playing with the pups… until I decided to take the plunge; I told him that I loved him and decided to move to NC to be with him.

Since that move I have gotten a career, Daniel became manager, we moved to another house with our 3 pups, have gone on countless fishing trips/hunts, visited friends and family in numerous cities and watched sunsets every night. It is just crazy how the universe works, I had never bartended on a Sunday other than that one the day that we met. I didn’t find out until about a year later that the “random meeting” of us, or so I thought was not random at all. But his friend had seen me working that Sunday, called Daniel and told him he needed to get up to Tubby’s asap, that a girl that was sarcastic and perfect for him was there. So thank you, Ben Tubbs!

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On Saturday, October 27th, 2018 Daniel woke me up at 8 am telling me to get ready to go to Mike’s Farm (a pumpkin patch about an hour and a half from our home). We debated on how long I had to get ready and what time we would leave in order for him to be home in time to watch the Georgia game, finally agreeing on 9:30… and of course I finally got in the car at 10. About 15 minutes into our drive I remembered I left my straightener on. Daniel turned the car around and I went inside only to realize I had never even turned my straightener on in the first place, the day was obviously off to a great start. We listened to Christmas music (my favorite, even though it wasn’t even Halloween yet) the whole drive. Typically I ask him to stop numerous times while we drive anywhere so that I can take pictures. So it came as no surprise when Daniel stopped at a cotton field and told me to get out and take some pictures, to his dismay I said: “nah, I don’t really feel like it.” The reason I go into detail about our morning is that it is just so me (hot mess) and us and what Daniel will have to put up with for the rest of his life haha.

He turned back onto the road and finally just took it upon himself to stop at another cotton field telling me he is getting out and that I can take pictures. I was in the middle of taking photos of the cotton when Daniel came up and said that he put the phone on video for us to get a picture (again, not weird to me bc we do this all the time, especially when getting pictures with our pups). While posing for a picture Daniel turned to me, holding a bouquet of cotton for me to grab, he then told me he loved me, clenching onto the cotton and shaking I was in shock “is this really happening?” As Daniel got down on one knee and opened his hand I saw twine wrapped around the stalk of the cotton with the most gorgeous ring tied onto it. I asked if he was joking and he shook his head no and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course, I said “YES!”

It only took me asking for his number, telling him I loved him first, me deciding to move to NC to be with him, and hiding 60 ring pops around the house for him to find randomly – for him to get the hint ;)

I love you Daniel, and I cannot wait to call you my husband!