Gretchen and Brian

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How We Met

We met our freshman year at The University of Alabama in 2012. Me, being from Georgia and Brian, being from Massachusetts.. we obviously had never cross paths. We believe by fate, we somehow had every single class together our first semester. Once we finally realize we were inseparable by school, we decided maybe we should become inseparable outside of school as well. Brian asked me to go a SGA concert and that was our “first date” .. with all of our closest friends of course. We have had so much fun every day since!

how they asked

It was the Friday after Thanksgiving. Brian’s family was down spending Thanksgiving with us from Massachusetts. It was such a calm day, I did not expect anything. We were headed to lunch at a restaurant I had never been to (but was dying to go to!). We got out of the car and heard music coming from a garden below the restaurant, we went to check it out while our family went and checked in the restaurant for our table. As we began walking down there was music, rose petals, and champagne… everything we would need for this moment to be the most special moment in my life thus far. Both Brian and I immediately started to cry (actually..we bawled) when I realized what was going on. Once we made it down to the beautiful garden, we gathered ourselves (the best we could) and Brian got down on one knee and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him.

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This was such a surreal moment, I quickly cried out “yes, of course!”. With a quick champagne toast, we were officially engaged and happier than ever. Brian was super great, he had a professional photographer capture the entire moment on camera (while she his in the bushes!!). It was such a special moment seeing her, knowing we could relive this moment through pictures for the rest of our lives. What a moment it was!!

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I was so excited to go back up and see our families and just thank them for everything! Little did I know when we walked up to the restaurant Brian had 55 of our closest family and friends (most from out of town) waiting to celebrate us! It was the perfect day with the perfect people. It was everything I ever imagined!

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Special Thanks

Savannah Turner
 | Photographer
Milton's Cuisine & Cocktails
 | Venue of proposal