Greissy and Samuel

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How We Met

It all started back in 2010, when we were first introduced to each other at our church (Hope Center Tabernacle). I met Sam, he was my very first friend at church, he was super sweet and we instantly hit off our friendship. However at the time he was dating and we just lost connection. I always knew Sam would be somewhat significant to my life whether it was just a very close friend or my soulmate. For me it was “love at first sight” as they say. Years went by, we would always see each other, fellow-shipped amongst the same group of your people, and the same ministries of course. Even though we lost connection as friends, I would always pray for Sam. Life went on. Years later the summer of 2014 we reconnected and that summer to say the least was life changing for both of us. We started talking again and on September 7,2014 we decided to give love a second chance, falling completely over heels for one another. I had always prayed to Lord to bless me with someone who loved Him above anything else, that would have a servants heart, that was selfless, compassionate, caring, forgiving, patient, loving, understanding, Sam is all of this and so much more. In him I’ve found my best-friend and my soulmate.

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how they asked

As a girl you dream about this your whole life and imagine how it would be. I told Sam I wanted two specific things, a photographer that would capture our moment and that he would fly out my dad from Texas for him to be there. I knew Sam would propose eventually I just had no clue what was up his sleeve. The week before he had asked me if I wanted to have breakfast with him that Saturday, he told me he would have to meet a client that afternoon, so he’d pick me up at 9am. I had no suspicions especially because it was so normal for us to have breakfast. I woke up Saturday morning, super tired but I had kept my word about going with him. Originally I was going to wear leggings and sweater with UGGS, Sam sends me a text message “look cute for me”, he always does that so I thought nothing of it. Once he got here to pick me up, he was dressed up all nice and I told him “wow you look so nice to go to breakfast” his response “well I am meeting a potential dog client so I have to look presentable”. I live in Jersey City so to get to Hoboken it was less than 15 minutes, we found parking as soon as we got there — which that in itself was a miracle. We walk by the Hoboken waterfront towards Turning Point, he’s texting a lot but again I just think it’s the normal.

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Once we get to Turning Point, I go straight to the front desk to ask for a table. However I had not taken noticed that my whole family and his family were in a separate room a few feet away from me. Sam turns me around and he has a band (Forbrothers) playing “knock me off my feet” by Stevie Wonder, everyone is crying and I was in shock I could not believe this was happening. My best-friend Jacque handed me some red tulips. I started shaking, tearing, I was a complete mess. After they played the song, his best-friend Isaiah is a spoken word artist and they both wrote a poem for me, once he was done Sam got down one knee and said ” Greissy Beatriz Pantaleon, will you do me the honor of saying yes and being my wife”…..of course I said “YES”!!! The ring is breathtaking. As we hugged and kissed he leans over to tell me “there’s one more surprise” at that moment I just knew my father would be standing right behind me and sure enough he was there, I was overcome with emotion. Afterwards we had breakfast, enjoyed our time as a family, we took a lot of pictures and yes he had a professional photographer there!

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Throughout the day I got ready nice and dolled up because little did I know we were taking professional pictures with our photographer too. We went underneath the George Washington bridge it had snowed recently so the pictures were amazing! When I got home that day, they blind folded me and Sam once again said “there’s one more surprise”….I was thinking maybe a dinner with our close friends and family. Nope!!! I was so wrong. As they take the blindfold off all I could see was how many people were there literally more than 150…it was a huge surprise engagement party! I couldn’t believe it. We had such a great time, great people, great food and just an amazing time to celebrate our love and relationship. Sam really outdid himself with our proposal, he blew me away. It was everything I ever hoped and dreamed of…actually it was so much more!!! Now we are planning a wedding, getting married on September 7,2018 on our 4 year anniversary!

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Special Thanks

Stepphany Portillo
 | Photographer
Marcus Ortiz
 | Videographer