Gregory and Lorenzo

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how we met

Lorenzo and I met through a friend. We became friends first and that lasted a year before feelings started to develop. We went on a trip to Iceland together and were stuck in our hotel since the weather outside made it too difficult to site see. So while watching When Harry Met Sally we both felt like there was something more there. Who knew Meg Ryan could have that effect on people?

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how they asked

We dated for five years and the year I proposed we were traveling a lot. Being a blogger and founder of, I am always on the go. Lorenzo has become my photographer and travels everywhere with me. I wanted to propose for months before I actually did. We were in Paris, Milan, Sicily, Malta, Vienna and many other equally romantic places and it just didn’t happen. It was important for me for it to feel natural and spontaneous.

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In August I had to fly to LA for a couple of weeks for work. I decided to extend my trip and have Lorenzo come meet me in LA since he has never been. He arrived in the morning and we spent the day sightseeing, eating, placing our hands in almost every celebrities hand prints at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and dancing in the streets. Not really the last part but gives you a nice image of LaLa land magic doesn’t it? Both exhausted we went to be early that night. While half asleep and just felt like I had to say it in that moment so I uttered, “Marry Me?” He thought I was joking and laughed and said, “go to bed.” It wasn’t until I said it again that he took me seriously and said “yes.”

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We told no one and spent the week in LA as a secret engaged couple. It wasn’t until we flew back to NYC and had our families over for dinner that we told them all. That week that only us two knew about our engagement was pure magic and something I will remember for all of my life.

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