Gregg and Melissa

Gregg Benjamin's Proposal in Cabo San Lucas,Mexico

How We Met

Gregg & I met at a community college in New Jersey and shared our first date during Hurricane Sandy. Possibly the worst storm to every hit Jersey in a long time. I was instantly head over heels for him. After, countless coffee and study dates later we finally transferred to Rutgers University together. Three and a half years later filled with: late nights, taco runs, & all-nighters we graduated. Gregg is two years older than me so he was done with college first but he kept crashing into my dorm. Fast forward to Jan 2017, we both moved into our tiny apartment & started our professional lives together. After a year of working hard, we decided that we needed to treat ourselves to a vacation. It was actually Gregg that brought up the idea. He even took the responsibility of finding the location & planning the trip. Needless to say, Gregg is a guru at finding insane vacations last minute & mentioned Cabo San Lucas. He knew that I always wanted to go there and see El Arco. Without a doubt, I was onboard.

how they asked

On Jan 31, 2018, I planned our sunset sailboat trip to see the El Arco in Cabo San Lucas. Unfortunately, the day I planned the trip, the weather was very overcast and foggy. So I rescheduled it to the following day without telling Gregg (my fiancé). Later that day, I mentioned it to my fiancé and he got this panicked look in his eyes. The following day, we woke up to a really bad freak storm. I contacted the sailboat company and tried to see if we could still go out in the storm & unfortunately the whole port was closed down. I was perfectly fine with just sitting by the pool on our last day there & having endless mojitos. However, Gregg insisted we dress up and go into town to see if any other charter company would take us out. Around noon, the rain stopped and the sun broke through the clouds. I thought that the storm passed so we would be able to go out to sea. As soon, as we got to the marina, we looked everywhere and every company told us that the port was still closed. I kept insisting that we head back & relax for the night. Gregg didn’t want to give up. Two hours later at the marina & I finally wore him down. I was honestly surprised he lasted this long & kept insisting we keep checking if a boat would go out. He usually is the type of person that just went with the flow. So I found it strange that he still wanted to go on this boat ride. I basically threw a tantrum and told him we need to head back asap or he would have to deal with a tired and hangry girlfriend.

When we finally got back to the hotel, he tried finding a random person near the pool to take our photo to commemorate our final full day in Cabo. I honestly just wanted to change into a bikini and drink my damn mojitos. Once we found a nice woman to take our photos we took a couple normal shots and Gregg told me we should do “our Dip” photos. We basically do this in every location we visit. I was getting ready to position myself and I hear the woman gasp. I didn’t know why everyone was shocked. So, I turned to him and I saw him down on one knee. That right there was my favorite moment. He didn’t even get the chance to finish his sentence.

Where to Propose in Cabo San Lucas,Mexico

All he got out was, “Melissa, will You…” I bent down to him, said ‘YES’ a thousand times & put the ring on my own finger. Even though it felt as if the freak storm may have ruined a picturesque moment, I felt as if this event was a gift from Mother Nature. Almost like the universe giving us our ‘full circle” moment. It was a perfect way for us to begin our next stage together. I cannot imagine what will happen on our wedding day…all I know is that I’m not taking chances! :)