Grecia Godínez and Ricardo

How We Met

Hello! My name is Greece, I met Ricardo in May 2013. I met him through Facebook, at that time it was very fashionable to meet people online, so I started adding users at random and one of them was Ricardo. I started talking to him out of curiosity, we started talking about us all day, until he invited me to have a coffee, only I couldn’t say I was about to give the thesis but I had problems because I lacked the accounting area, Which is why he offered to help me solve my problem at our first cafe.

But things didn’t go as planned, I met him days earlier than we agreed. One afternoon leaving college my mom could not pass by so I had to take the public transport, for this, I came chatting for messages with Ricardo, to which he replied: do not worry I pass by you, I am leaving work. Without thinking twice I told him yes and he said OK, see you in 5 minutes outside of college. Then that sunny day going out of college right at the taxi rank I got to meet the love of my life coming in an unforgettable green car. Immediately recognized me and stopped, saluted me, opened the car door and invited me to pass.

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The minute I got in the car, everything froze to me, and the only thing going through my head was “how handsome he is, but the hell he’ll never notice me”. After a few minutes, I reacted and we were talking normally as if we had already met before. Next thing you know, he invites me out for coffee and dinner, which I say yes to.

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I remember perfectly well the cafeteria where we went, it was full, there was only one table for two people and we decided to sit there in the middle of everyone. I felt that time was running very slow and at the same time that I was talking very quickly and by the elbows, on the contrary, he tells me that I was very anxious and quiet, that he was the only one talking, so I made the decision to go to dinner in another quieter place.

Grecia Godínez's Proposal in Disneyland Park California

We reached a corner where there was a crepe combi, a very nice corner with tablecloth tables and lighting of hot lights. I remember as soon as I took a seat I relaxed and we started talking about us, that we liked it, how we had been in love before, how our hearts had been broken and that we were not willing to let it be broken again. At that moment there was a magical connection, I couldn’t stop seeing him and smiling like a fool, all I thought was: no, this isn’t real, you just met him, you can’t fall in love. And then we left for my parents’ house, obviously, I didn’t want to arrive yet, I loved being with him. We finally got to my house, I thanked him for the huge favor of bringing me back safe and sound, and for dinner, we said good-bye and went home. They spent only 2 minutes and I received a text message from him saying “I love to meet you, I hope it will be repeated” and well, I mega happy I answered right away, I also loved to meet you and of course if we meet again.

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Days later we met again to do the pending thesis work, passed by me and went to a nice cafe with an incredible view. We finished the work quickly and stayed long enough to talk and watch the sunset. The sun was about to set when he took me by the hand and told me to go and see the duck pond that lay ahead, I said yes. We got in the car and arrived, in order to get a better view of the lake and the ducks we had to climb a small hill, which we climbed with a little difficulty because it was slightly inclined, We made it, we got there just before dark, we stayed there for 10 minutes and decided to go back to the car as there was nothing left.

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We walked and got back to the hill but now we had to get it down, he decided to lower it first so he could catch me when I was coming down. I did but it took a lot of speed, luckily he stopped me just before I crashed with him, so we ended up very close. Again time stopped and I saw perfectly when I closed his eyes and gradually came closer to kiss me and I managed to kiss him! instantly I wonder do you want to be my girlfriend? to which it takes a few minutes to answer but I said yes. And so began our story, fast, intense, without prejudice and we’ve been together for almost 7 years. The best decision I could have made that day.

Grecia Godínez and Ricardo's Engagement in Disneyland Park California

How They Asked

We arranged a trip to Los Angeles California. It was my first trip out of Mexico, so he told me he’d make sure it was the best trip of my life. We did an itinerary of everything we were gonna do, and the first thing on the list was to get to know the Disneyland. That day we got up early, we had to be on time because they were making very long lines of cars. Finally, we entered the park, I was amazed by so many flowers and so many colors, I never imagined it like this. The first thing we did was go into a souvenir shop and buy me some Mickey ears and a hat for him.

It took us some time to decide on colors and styles, but we made it. Coming out of there, Ricardo insisted on me a lot on going to the main castle and we ran to where it was, but oh surprise, the castle was in remodeling, had some castles of wood that covered it.

We stood there for a minute, it seemed like everything was ruined, but it wasn’t like that. Ricardo took me by the hand and told me that we had not touched luck and that he had not realized before that it was in remodeling, but that it would not affect our perfect trip, so we went to travel all the side of the park, First see everything and then decide what games to ride.

We walked and walked and reached another castle, a beautiful white and golden castle, with beautiful purple flowers in its gardens, here is where the magic happened again. I dare to take a picture of us together in front of the castle. He told me to take the camera and hold it, I will tell you from my cell phone when the photo is ready so you put your hand down but stay still so it doesn’t get moved. The moment I was looking up at the camera, he bent down to grab something from his backpack, stood up again and whispered to me, “What if we got married?

At that moment I came to see him and he was on his knees with the wedding ring. At that moment I began to cry and between tears and laughter I said Yes, I do!

I put the ring on my finger, it looked perfect, it was beautiful, just as I dreamed. We hugged and kissed, coincidentally it was just him and me, no one else. It was perfect and untouchable.