GREAT proposal reaction.

Image 3 of GREAT proposal reaction.Darby and I met during our sophomore year in high school, way back in 2003– yes, 10 years ago! We were really good friends by the time we graduated. When it came time for college, we both decided we wanted to be KNIGHTS and were both accepted to the University of Central Florida. Little did either of us know what would be in store for us over the next few years at UCF!

Our years at UCF brought us closer together as friends. We had fun together, and fought with each other. We watched each other take interest in other guys and other girls… and made fun of each other for it. But then, it wasn’t funny anymore. It became serious… for both of us! We fell in like, tried to remain just friends, and failed.

So, in March of 2011, we started dating. We spent the following two years falling in love, and falling hard! On April 7th, 2013, Darby took me to the Orlando Museum of Art, “just because.” The staff was very friendly, and we had an awesome tour guide. We went to the African exhibit, the glass exhibit, and then came to the abstract art exhibit. It was in the abstract art exhibit that our guide made our tour interactive. She asked me to pick up an object wrapped in cloth next to a wedding dress (which I think was paper mache). I picked up the cloth, and pulled a little black box out of it. I stared at it blankly until she asked me to open it. Once I did, I saw a beautiful diamond ring. Still, my only thought was, “this is a really nice ring for a museum prop!” When I looked up, I noticed that everyone’s cameras and phones were pointed at me, including that of two professional videographers. I was confused. I turned to look up at Darby to see if he had any idea what was going on. At that same moment, he took the box with the ring from me (I’m still confused at this point), and then started to get down on one knee (it clicked). Darby asked me to marry him! I started to cry before I even said “yes!”

He got up and gave me a big hug and kiss—because every kiss begins with Kay! Darby’s brothers, cousin, and her daughter, who were all in on it, were at the museum with us and began to congratulate us. The museum staff, and other bystanders applauded us too. Darby suggested we go to my parents’ house to surprise them with the engagement after the museum. Once we got there, the surprise was once again on me. My family, along with Darby’s, was there waiting for us, and greeted us with “CONGRATULATIONS!” We ate, laughed, and started wedding planning that same evening! Before the evening was over, 829 Films, the videographers that Darby worked with to have the whole engagement filmed, had our video completed at posted. They were amazing! Darby could not have planned a more perfect day.

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Proposal Location: The Orlando Museum of Art


Ring: Kay Jewelers