Gray and Clo

How We Met

We met in English class in 7th grade. My friend told me he liked me and I told her that I thought he was really cute. When the teacher moved us to sit in a group together, English became my favorite course. All day long I’d stare at the clock, counting down the minutes until it was time for class. He made me laugh so hard, all I wanted to do was talk to him all day long. He was so easy to love, I knew he was going to be such a special part of my life from that point on.

How They Asked

I’ve had the worst month! I started to think someone had cursed me with all of my bad luck! So when Clo told me he was going to take me on a trip to Savannah (one of my favorite places) to make me feel better, I wasn’t expecting a proposal!

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I visited with some friends while we were there and afterward, he took me on a surprise date. We took a walk and approached a horse carriage with flowers all over it and I got so excited!

Halfway through the ride, the guy leading the tour told us that he was going to stop at a fountain for us to throw in a coin and make a wish! On our walk over to the fountain, Clo asked me what I wanted to wish for and because I’ve been joking about him proposing for about a year, I said that I wished I had a ring and we both laughed.

Gray's Proposal in Savannah, GA

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When we finally got to the fountain I said: “Okay, but really, what are we wishing for?” And he said, “Why don’t you wish what you just told me?” He read me lyrics from our song (see the song title, ROS, on my arm in the photos! he has one too!) and got down on one knee and my heart exploded!

He hired a photographer to take photos of the whole thing and she even took us on a mini photo shoot afterward! I am so so thankful to be spending the rest of my life with my best friend and couldn’t have asked for a more meaningful and beautiful proposal!

Gray and Clo's Engagement in Savannah, GA

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