Grant and Elizabeth

Image 1 of Grant and ElizabethGrant and I first met on We were going out for over a year and really loving all the time we were spending getting to know each other. Over the course of a year I had mentioned to him that I would love to go in a carriage ride possibly in New York City since that’s where he had lived and I lived in New Jersey.

As time went on, our family and friends would always drop hints while we both smiled. It just so happened that that year my mom and sister won a trip to Disney for being named Nurse of the Year! I was so proud and so excited to go to Disney with my family, and of course Grant. Right before heading to Disney, I saw Grant acting a bit odd.

I didn’t think too much into it and continued to prepare for what I didn’t know would be an unforgettable vacation. We flew down to Disney and met up with my mom and sister. The next day we were all getting ready for a Halloween party that night at the Disney Castle!

Image 2 of Grant and ElizabethAs Grant and I walked around the hotel there was a sign that said “Carriage Rides.” He asked me if I was interested and I said “sure!” We went back to our room and started to get ready for the fun night ahead. We left earlier then my family to get ready for the carriage ride. As I entered the carriage ride I saw there was a cellophane package sitting across from us. However, I was unable to see what was in it.

Image 3 of Grant and ElizabethImage 4 of Grant and ElizabethImage 5 of Grant and ElizabethAround sunset we got into the carriage and stopped around a gazebo and a gorgeous river. Grant then turned towards me, got down on one knee, and presented me with an incredibly, absolutely perfect, STUNNING ring! Before he could even speak I found myself in shock and screamed “YES!” We both laughed and Grant made his wonderful speech. After he put the ring on my finger, he told me to open the package which had a tiara, ring pillow, and corsage in it… so romantic! As I look over Grant mentioned that he had hired a private photographer, Lisa G, who took wonderful pictures of the whole proposal taking place! Grant knew it was important to me to have a photographer and my family there. He also told me my mom and dad knew, so I called my best friend, my sister Patti. Right after I told her I turned around in the carriage and saw my whole family running towards the carriage. It was an incredibly amazing moment! My parents got us “Just Engaged” pins from the front desk which we immediately put on.

Image 6 of Grant and ElizabethWe then went to the Disney Castle at night which later had fireworks! Grant knew I loved fireworks and my mom and sister got another perfect picture of the moment. It was so much fun walking around, taking pictures, and having people congratulate us! We felt like celebrities and I truly felt like a Princess in the one place that is the heart of Magic, love, and family!

Image 7 of Grant and Elizabeth
Photos by: Lisa G Photo