Grant and Brianna

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How We Met

I met my husband to be when I was about 11/12 years old. Our elementary schools merged together and I was friends with his cousin first! He parents swear he came home telling them he was going to marry me from then.

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how they asked

My husband to be and I started dating on this beach 9 years ago! We had been best friends for as long as I can remember, we have been through it all in these years growing up with each other through middle school, high school, college and for my fiancé a doctorate in physical therapy (graduating in December) we have loved together, lost together, and definitely grown together. There is no one I would rather vow my life to then this person..

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We were relaxing on the beach just the same way we do every year third week in July. We always have so much friends and family with us all of them being there was a normal thing for us. At this point we were waiting for others to arrive at the beach for the day including his sister/brother in law and my mother who was coming down from her beach house for the day! My mom had arrived and Grant and I were on our way up to meet her as I hear him say look who came to the beach to see you. I looked around and it was our first (fur) child Moxie Doodle (she’s our 8 month old goldendoodle from Belladoodles breeders in GA) she is the love of our lives and made our proposal PERFECT! I sat down on the beach and she ran up to me I was so excited to see her I didn’t even realize the shirt she had on, Grant says look at her shirt!!! So I do and as I do he is lowering down on one knee “and cue the water works” her shirt read “Will you marry my daddy” he then asked if I would marry him!!!

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(Still ugly crying) Along with everyone else around us I hugged him! Everyone is screaming DID SHE SAY YES!!? Of of course I said yes!!!!

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After that we were given champagne to toast with from one of my very best friends and we all did a champagne toast on the beach!

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So so thankful for ALL of these people (and many more not pictured) who helped pull this off because Lord knows I am the worst to surprise! They had me totally fooled!!

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