Grant and Audrey

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How We Met

This “how we met” story might be a high school sweet heart story but I promise it’s a good one. It was the summer before freshman year of high school started. My best friend Lauren was talking to this guy named Grant (my fiance now). I didn’t really know who this Grant kid was so I got his number and started talking to him to. He was interesting, very smart, silly, and always had something to say. We had such great conversations, but we never talked in person. We compared class schedules and he was always in the more advanced ones. I tried seeing if we had the same lunch time..strikeout there too. I even asked if we could meet in-between classes to talk or hang out..nope! This guy was plain hard to get. I can remember when fall sports started. I played on the volleyball team and he was on the cross country team. They would run by our gym and I couldn’t help but stare. I really liked him but he didn’t initiate anything. It took a couple years for him to get out of his shell but finally Junior year of high school…it happened. I was at my best friend Allison’s house for her family New Year’s Eve party. It is family and close friends only. (Grant and Allison secretly planned this together) We were fixing our hair in the upstairs bathroom when the doorbell rang. I didn’t think anything of it. I thought it might be a pizza guy or another family member coming over. I hear my name being called and as I look over the stairwell, I see Grant! I have never talked to him in person and I was scared out of my mind. I walked down the stairs to meet him and the entire night we did not speak. I was scared, nervous, and I didn’t know what to say honestly because I had theee biggest crush on this guy. A couple days later as we hung out and got used to each other he asked me out. We were walking down the Spanish hallway on a Wednesday morning before school started and he said, “So Audrey, when can we make this dating thing official?” There you have it! We had met, he was my boyfriend, my high school sweetheart, and my best friend today. We attended the following proms, homecomings, and other school events together and that is how it all started.

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how they asked

How Grant popped the big question…

It was the start of August and Grant had asked me if I had any vacation plans since summer was wrapping up. After I told him no, he said, “Why don’t we do our own little vacation/weekend trip in September?” Work was getting pretty busy so I jumped on board right away! I thought nothing of it, just another mini road trip with my boyfriend. Grant told me to take two days off and that he would plan the rest. He picked Grand Haven, Michigan, which is a small coastal town on the east bank of Lake Michigan. I can remember when I was really young my parents taking me to Michigan. We went every summer but as me and my sisters got older we stopped going there. I’m pretty sure Grant took note of that childhood memory of mine.

September finally came around and we were working out details for what we wanted to do on the trip. When I looked up cute shops, restaurants, and entertainment in Grand Haven, I found out our vacation was during Salmon Fest! It was this annual event that the town hosts. There was a light show, a grape stomping contest, a 5k race, a salmon cookout dinner, and so much more. I was so excited! (I initially thought Grant had purposefully planned this weekend around Salmon Fest, so the weekend event worked in Grant’s favor.)

I don’t think we could have picked a more beautiful autumn day to leave for our road trip to Grand Haven. As we were driving, we stopped at a few different places, including an apple orchard. We enjoyed a delicious flight of pie, stopped into some little shops, and ate ice cream. Once we were in Grand Haven we took it easy and played some board games, but I was ready for what Saturday had to offer. The next morning, we attended the local farmers market, walked along the boardwalk to see the light house, and saw Main Street to check out each vendor and shop. Everything about this vacation was perfect but little did I know, there was more…

Our Saturday was almost over but Grant had planned a sunset hike at Rosy Mound Natural Area. I was so tired from the day but I couldn’t turn down a hike. Before we left, we rested a bit and I changed into hiking clothes thinking this was a real hike. I had my hair in a pony tail my gym shoes on, I was ready to go! Grant said to me, “Audrey, no no no wear your outfit from today! The cute nautical one you love” I was getting kind of upset. I said, “Why can’t I wear what I have on? The outfit from today is sweaty and gross.” Grant eventually talked me out of it and asked me to wear my nautical outfit from the day because he wanted to take pictures by the lake. Still oblivious, I just went along with it and we were off.

We got to Rosy Mound and I took pictures at every check point. I’m sure Grant wanted me to pick up my pace a bit so we wouldn’t miss the sunset! I took my sweet time but we finally made it to the end where we watched the sunset against the peaceful waves together. He said, “Isn’t this beautiful Audrey? I can’t believe we are here right now.” He continued on and finished with, “Audrey, we have had some incredible times so far but I don’t think I can wait any longer. Will you marry me?” I was IN SHOCK! I covered my hands over my face, nodded, and said yes! I was overwhelmed by so many emotions, and I had no idea he would ask me that day! Then, as we were hugging, I heard clicks behind us. Grant had planned a secret photographer the entire time to capture the moment. How clever! We got to take a mini photo-shoot afterwards like Grant said. I was shaking and asking so many questions but I was one happy girlfrie…I mean fiancée.

All along, my parents knew, Grant’s parents knew, my best friend at home knew. It was unbelievable and a complete surprise. I didn’t expect Grant to propose since I knew he wanted us both to be living in Minnesota, which we’d talked about in April before we graduated from Iowa State. I am so thankful now that I wore a nicer outfit instead of athletic shorts for one of the best moments of my life and by far the highlight of 2017. I cannot wait to be a Hunt! #thehuntisover08-11

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer