Graham and Caroline

how they asked

On June 20th, 2017, Caroline thought she was just going on another fun date in the park with her boyfriend, Graham. They had both just graduated from the University of Georgia, hung up their college athlete hats (her- soccer and him- Rowing), and started their next steps– the real world! They have been dating each other for over 4 years when they met during a freshmen year class at UGA. Fast forward, Caroline had been accepted to PA school at Mercer University and Graham was about to start his big job in Atlanta. Before their lives took off with their next chapter, Graham had just one more plan up his sleeve.

He wanted to ask Caroline to marry him. Graham tricked Caroline into thinking they were going to have one last date night before her schooling started, and he started work. So, he asked her to do what they always loved to do in Atlanta– ride bikes. They rented bikes outside of Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. They rode around for about an hour until both of their families hid up the top of the pier that Graham planned to stop at and get down on one knee.

As the families hid, Graham pulled over at the pier…so Carolina followed. Graham has his Go Pro out that day riding bikes, goofing around and taking pictures. Caroline asked to take a picture in front of the water, so Graham followed into his perfect plan; he set his Go Pro up got ready to “take a picture” and got down on one knee. Caroline was shocked and in disbelief. She turned around to see both families rushing down the stairs to hug them both and see the beautiful ring!

Special Thanks

Hillary Leah Photography