Gracie and Zachary

Where to Propose in Oleopolis, PA

How We Met

Zak and I met in High school through mutual friends.

Gracie's Proposal in Oleopolis, PA

How They Asked

It was labor day weekend, and a bunch of our friends joined us for an adventurous trip to my camp along the Allegheny. Zak and I love to quad ride and explore the mountains, so this trip was a little more exciting considering we were able to finally bring up our new Side by Side. We rode around all day having a blast and eventually came across one of our favorite spots…the lookout. Its a little opening deep in the middle of the woods that showcases the entire valley. Zak and I posed in front of the lookout while my friend snapped a picture of us. She was just about to put her camera down when Zak quickly interrupted her to take another. I was completely shocked considering he hates getting his picture taken, but turned and smiled anyways. I could feel his hand start to shake on my back. When I turned to see if he was okay, he was down on one knee and in no time I couldn’t keep my own hands from shaking! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end off my Summer!