Gracie and Bryce

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How We Met

When I was 16 I was hired for my first job at Taco Bell. On my first night I had to close the dining room. Typically a manager walks you through closing but Bryce begged our manager to let him show me the steps. She agreed and we began the nightly checklist. We instantly clicked and were just talking. Lastly on the checklist was mopping and I told him I could handle it. While I was mopping I turned around and he just sat there watching me with a huge smile on his face. I asked why he was staring and his excuse was “I’m just supervising”. That night I went home and told my mom about how I had a feeling he liked me. Since that night we became best friends. A few weeks later school started and we shared a lunch period. I would sit with him and his friends all the time. Our coworkers loved us being together and actually started scheduling us to work together. He always made jokes about us going to homecoming together, which we ended up doing so.

How They Asked

I currently work at our hometown jewelry store. One Saturday he stopped in with his friend, who had to pick something up. Little did I know it was my engagement ring. He then had started texting me and calling me wondering when I was coming home for lunch. I felt bad because we were short staffed but my boss made me go anyways. On the drive home he calls and tells me he picked up Taco Bell for lunch and that he was waiting to eat his until I got home. (he’s so bad at keeping secrets he couldn’t hold it for more than two hours!) So when I finally got home Taco Bell was waiting for me at the dining table and he was sitting there. He asked if I had gotten any sauce because his bag was empty and as I was pulling out the fire sauce, I pulled out a packet that said “will you marry me” with my ring on it. I was in disbelief that it was finally happening but over the moon excited because I knew I wanted to spend the rest my life with him the first day we met.

Proposal Ideas In our home