Grace and Weyman

How We Met

We met through mutual when we were both out of town for grad school and we were both back home in Toronto for the holidays. When we started talking more, we realized that we used to live down the street from one another, had the same pediatrician, went to the same extracurriculars, and we had so many mutual friends that we couldn’t even keep count. He asked me out on our first date a few days later, and when he dropped me home for the night he just said “see you whenever” because we had no idea when we would cross paths again, with us both being on other sides of the country. But we still continued to talk over text and eventually on the phone and we managed to see each other at least once a month, wherever it would be in the country. The beginning of our relationship was purely based on travelling to different parts of the country to see each other, which made him an absolutely amazing travel buddy. We had a long distance relationship for almost 3 years, and finally moved in together in the same city after we had both graduated.

how they asked

One of our first trips together was a week in New York City. We explored all parts of the city together, went row boating on the lake in Central Park, ate at the city’s best restaurants and had the time of our lives. For his birthday, we both had a week off from work and he told me he wanted to go back to New York City to relive those times during our budding relationship. On probably the coldest day of the year, he told me he wanted to take me ice skating on the lake since he couldn’t take me row boating. I kind of resisted at first because it was so cold outside and I only had a thin peacoat on, but I’m glad I agreed. He navigated toward the rink and stopped on Bow Bridge and told me to take some pictures because it was such a pretty bridge and the park was pretty empty because of the weather. As soon as I turned around he told me he didn’t take me to Central Park to go skating, but to do something else. Then he went down on one knee and I barely remember what he said to me, but somehow through my tears I said yes probably a million times. It was the perfect proposal in the city we fell in love in. After I collected myself he told me he had another surprise for me behind me. I turned around and it was a professional photographer who he hired to do an engagement shoot for us all over Central Park. At this point my hands were beet red from the cold, but I didn’t care because it was the best day ever! :)