Grace and Trae

How We Met

We first met in high school through mutual friends. I was hanging out with a few of the neighborhood kids when Trae ran by with his dog and came over to say hello to our shared friend. Of course, the dog caught my eye first, but Trae and I hit it off. Cue 2 years of bad timing and dating other people, and we eventually got together our senior year in high school around Halloween. And the rest is history!

How They Asked

I knew I wanted something personal and relatively private in terms of the proposal, and he delivered! It was meant to be a full surprise, but when Trae started trying to plan a hike, I had my suspicions. He actually successfully faked me out with a hike about 2 weeks before the real proposal. Funny enough, I had planned to go to a concert with a friend the day he planned to propose and Trae had just gotten sick while on a business trip, but he was adamant that we needed to go on a hike that Saturday. Not Sunday, not next weekend. Saturday. So we went. I was stressed about timing to make the concert and Trae was a little easily winded as he got over a cough, but halfway through the hike we paused for a snack and he got down on one knee (or really got up on one knee because we were already sitting) and asked me to marry him! Two bystander hikers saw and cheered for us as I said yes. Then, Trae let me know the concert was off (obviously), and we killed time, enjoying the moment before going home to a surprise party with my friends and family there to celebrate the engagement. The proposal was easy to see coming, but the party definitely took me by surprise!


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