Grace and Rich

How We Met

Rich and I met when I was 16 and he was 21. We worked together and slowly went from co-workers to friends. When I was 17, he asked my mom if he could take me out on our first date. He came to my prom with me, watched me graduate, and watched me go off to college. We broke up twice during our now 7 years together. After the second break up, Rich’s sister passed away and we were brought back together. Ever since, we have been together through thick and thin. He is my rock and the greatest person I have ever known. No matter what happens in life, knowing that we will experience it together is the greatest feeling.


how they asked

Since we live on Long Island, Rich and I love going into New York City any chance we get! Being that Christmas was approaching, Rich asked if I wanted to go into the city to see a show, have dinner and see the ever famous Christmas tree in Rockefeller center. Of course I agreed, and on December 19th we headed into the city, not knowing that my life was about to change! We saw Les Miserables (I cried, he thought it was too much singing) and afterwards we headed to the tree. When we finally made our way to the very front of the tree, Rich asked a stranger to take a photo of us. We smiled for a few shots, when next thing I knew, Rich was getting down on one knee and proposing to me in front of thousands of people at Rockefeller center. I nearly fell over and could hardly choke out a “yes” through all my tears. Everyone around us clapped and cheered and congratulated us. It felt like a dream- it was hands down the greatest moment of my life, or so I thought. After the grand proposal, we headed to the restaurant where we had dinner reservations. While sitting at the bar waiting for our table to be ready, my entire family walked into the restaurant and completely surprised me. Unbeknownst to me, Rich had arranged for them to come and have dinner with us. I told him that I had always wanted my family to be involved on the day or night we got engaged, and he made it happen. I was completely surprised from start to finish- Rich not only blew me away but he made all my dreams come true that night!