Grace and Matt

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Brooklyn Bridge Park

How We Met

Matt had just moved to Long Island from Nebraska and I was visiting some friends in Long Island from the Bronx. My friends who were married wanted to see what these dating apps were all about and started swiping for me. One of them found Matt, swiped right, and the rest is history!

Grace's Proposal in Brooklyn Bridge Park

How They Asked

Matt reached out to a photographer, Samantha, I went to high school with and absolutely LOVE, and worked out a plan to trick me into thinking I had won a “free couples photoshoot” sometime in April. I had originally thought to offer it up to my parents since it was their 30th anniversary and I didn’t think Matt would ever be interested in a couples photoshoot, but my sister (who was in on the plan) quickly convinced me not to and we set the date to be April 10th.

As the date got closer and Coronavirus concerns grew, I had completely talked myself out of any chance of Matt proposing – even though I secretly hoped for it since the photoshoot would take place at the spot where we became “official” almost two years ago. Halfway through the proposal, Sam took us to the grassy area that overlooked the Brooklyn Bridge and Freedom Tower and instructed me to turn around and wait for Matt to run up behind me and pick me up and spin me around.

Grace and Matt's Engagement in Brooklyn Bridge Park

After standing there waiting for a few moments, I turned around to see Matt on one knee. I immediately started crying and didn’t even notice my dream ring until I was able to catch my breath and wipe the tears out of my eyes.

After taking a few more pictures, we returned home and celebrated with a drive-by celebration from some of our friends and family after a surprise engagement party had to, unfortunately, be canceled due to social distancing restrictions. The proposal was the happiest moment of my life and we’re so excited to start planning the wedding!

Special Thanks

Samantha Blasone
 | Photographer