Grace and Luke

How We Met

Luke and I met in May of 2016 when I transferred departments at the winery we both worked for and moved to Napa. The classic story of boy meets girl at a work softball game, the girl thinks boy hates her because of her poor hand-eye-coordination, the boy actually thinks the girl is really cute.

Over the next seven months, we built an incredible friendship, centered around our mutual love for wine, food, and hospitality. Our relationship went from “work friends” to “real life friends” at one of our favorite wineries in Napa over a pre-4th of July BBQ. A good friend of ours “mistakenly” (there might have been copious amounts of wine involved) “borrowed” a pie I had made in my mom’s heirloom pie pan and took it to her own party the next day. Luke & I searched high and low throughout the whole winery for that pie. When Luke got to the party the next day, he immediately saw the pie and took it home with him – and then used the heirloom pan as an excuse to text me every day for two months until I came to his house to pick it up. His persistence worked and we started dating in January of 2017. We both still laugh about us wandering around the grape vines with glasses of wine and giggling over a missing pie.

Our friendship and our love story centered around grapevines, so, of course, it’s only fitting that Luke proposed in the middle of a vineyard!

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On July 3rd, 2018 – the two year anniversary of the missing pie and our friendship really taking off – Luke & went back to the same winery where we had been the night of the disappearing dessert. When we got to the winery that evening, Luke pulled out the same bottle of wine we had shared on our first date (conveniently from the same winery we were at!). We toasted to the past two years, the winding road that leads us together, and to whatever the future would hold. After a glass of wine, we strolled up into the vineyard to “watch the sunset,” but as we walked through the vines, I noticed a suit jacket hanging on a grapevine. If you know Luke, you won’t be surprised that my initial thought was, “Of course you have a jacket here. Why wouldn’t you just have a jacket in a vineyard” (He’s fancy and always well-prepared. The man basically sleeps in a three-piece suit). As he grabbed the jacket though, I realized that my logic was not in fact logical. Luke turned to face me and said a million wonderful things (that he had to repeat to me later because of course I completely blacked out), got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. He says I said yes. I’m pretty sure I just nodded a lot and cried. Two years to the date from our first real moment of genuine friendship, in the same spot overlooking the same view of the Napa Valley, we decided that together sounded like the perfect plan for forever.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Napa, CA

We’re fulfilling a childhood dream and getting married on the most special day I could think of. October 19th, 2019 will be my grandparents’ 68th wedding anniversary, my parents’ 29th wedding anniversary, and our wedding day.

Now we finally get to answer the age-old question – What happens when two sommeliers get married? Spoiler alert – There’s going to be a lot of wine!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Napa, CA

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