Grace and KC

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KC’s and my relationship started in 2015 at a gathering when he lost his glass of wine. Searching for an excuse to talk to him alone after flirting all night, I offered to help him look for it. We walked outside and when I turned around to check for his glass on a window sill, he tapped me on my shoulder, I turned around, and he kissed me. Fast forward 2 blissful years of love later, KC became an officer in the marine corps. By September 2017, he was graduating from The Basic School so his family and I drove down to Virginia from Indiana to celebrate. We went to a winery for what I thought was a last hurrah for his buddies and him all getting ready to ship out soon. We got a formal tour of the winery from the owner. The last stop on the tour was their famously picturesque cave lit with lanterns, leading to the vineyard. When the owner opened the door, I walked out and saw all our friends and family gathered around with cameras in hand pointed at KC and me. Before I could catch my breath, in typical KC fashion, he tapped me on my shoulder, I turned around, and he was down on one knee.

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