Grace and Jared

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Iceland

How We Met

We met online in July 2017. We talked about our families and jobs and life and conversation seemed to flow easily (which can be a challenge online). We decided to meet up for dinner a few days later. When I walked up to the restaurant I saw a cute guy standing outside and thought “is that who I’m meeting?! He’s so cute!” The pictures he put on his profile did not do him justice! We met at a trendy little Mexican place and decided to try and get seats at the bar. We found some seats and it was so loud we spent the whole time yelling trying to hear each other! To this day if he’s trying to make up some silly fact to me he says “we about this at our first date, don’t you remember?” Because the conversation was impossible to hear! Even though I could barely hear our conversation I knew there was something there. I texted him as soon as I got home and we started planning our second date that night! We both knew we wanted to see each other again!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Iceland

Where to Propose in Iceland

How They Asked

We met online, which was quickly followed with an in-person date a week later in 2017. Since then our relationship has grown and taken us all over the United States as we both share a love of traveling. A little over a year after we met we were taking our first trip overseas starting in Iceland. I had thought that this might be the perfect chance to get engaged as we had talked about getting married but didn’t want to get my hopes up. On the second day, we had been to several attractions and the thought of getting engaged was not on my mind. Everywhere we looked there were tons of tourists and I knew he wouldn’t propose in a place like that. As we worked our way further from the main cities we came to a canyon that was just beautiful and for the most part free of tourists.

There was a big hill up behind where we parked and after walking around the canyon he said I really want to go up that hill, do you want to go with me? I responded Not really, but I will if that’s what you want to do. We stopped at the car and I noticed him messing around in his bag, trying to get me far away so I couldn’t see what he was doing and I started to get suspicious. We started walking up the hill and it’s steep and there’s no path and the whole time I’m thinking oh my god, I think he might be about to propose and I’m going to be sweaty and out of breathing. He kept taking off and getting way ahead of me and then waiting for me to catch up. I finally catch up to him at the top, sweating and out of breath, and he takes my hands and asks if I’d had any regrets being with him the past year, I say of course not! And he proceeds to tell me how much he loves me and finally he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. It was the perfect moment with just the 2 of us!