Grace and Greg

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How We Met

Greg and I met our freshman year of college. He and his friends were walking around campus, and it was everyone’s first month of school. They ended up walking through the floor of my building. A friend and I walked past them as Greg shouted out, “Sarah!”. The guys were joking around and saying girls names aloud to see if they could guess some names. This is my sister’s name so naturally I responded “yes?” and turned around. Greg cheered, thinking it was my name, and I explained why I replied. I asked Greg if he could guess my name, and we ended up spending the rest of the night talking.

how they asked

I have spent the last three summers teaching English in Haiti. My friends down there have become like family to me. Greg first visited Haiti with me after we had been dating for a year. All of my friends and students were so excited to finally meet my “sweetheart”. Greg ended up spending the summer working with me as well. He fit right in with many dear friends of mine, learning the language in just a few months and falling in love with the culture. Every January, during my winter break, I return to Haiti to visit with friends and students. Greg had me convinced I was planning the trip this January, and fibbed to me that he was unsure if he could make it or not. At the last minute, he told me he would be joining me for the trip! My mom was also coming along to visit my favorite place. On our last full day, I was asked to babysit for some friends that live nearby. While I was watching their kids, my friends from the Children’s Home stopped by and invited us on a Scavenger Hunt. I thought it was odd that I had not heard anything about this sooner.

I went along from station to station with the children I have loved and prayed for since 2011. At one point we came along a clue said that there would be a gift for me, but I had to be blindfolded. Following along, the children blindfolded me and grabbed me by the arms as they led me to the Children’s Home. We were all giggling as I stumbled trying to walk without sight. Upon entering the gate of the home, I noticed everyone fell silent. All I could hear was the shuffling of feet and scattered “shhh”s. The kids brought me to a stop and I heard the voice of Wedenson. I have known Wedenson since my first trip to Haiti. He has become like a brother to me and Greg knew how special it would be to have him help out on our big day. Wedenson read aloud a message from Greg: “Grace, you have been my ‘sweetheart’, now I want to know if you will be my wife. I love you so so so much”.

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My first thought was “Wedenson is pranking me!”. My blindfold was removed and of course all I saw was light under the hot Haitian sun. When my eyes adjusted I could see Greg on one knee before me, as he asked “Will you marry me?”

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After some laughs and tears, and asking “what?!”, I finally found the word “yes!”. There were lots of cheers and smiles coming from our young friends as Greg and I embraced for the first time as fiancés. My mom had decorated the home and popped champagne for the adults, and sparkling cider for the kids. It was a beautiful celebration with some of my best friends.

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Special Thanks

Adam Robinson
 | Photographs