Grace and Grayson

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How We Met

“If there was one guy that I would allow you to date at TCU, it’s him” Those words were spoken to me by one of my dear friends from home right before he introduced me to Grayson! I was a young freshmen going out for one of my first nights in college and Ethan, my friend immediately grabbed me so I could meet this infamous, older guy who was so perfect. But after we were introduced, we just chatted a few minutes then went on with our night. That same friend, Ethan, ended up bringing us together a few more times knowing that we both were “interested” in each other. FINALLY Grayson asked me out on a coffee date and the first date went was a success!! Date number 2 actually turned about to be a date to his fraternity tailgate for the TCU football game at Cowboy Stadium.

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In my mind, it was going to be a perfect football day and I would impress him with my football knowledge and cute dress and cowboy boots. It turned out to be the completely the opposite. Apparently Ethan had a little conversation with Grayson before the game telling him to keep a little distance from me because I would run from any guy who was too clingy. Well Grayson took that to heart and hung out with me for maybe half of the tailgate and left me during the game, so there was no football knowledge impressions to be made!! Despite my disappointment, keeping his distance seemed to do the trick because I just wanted to hang with him more. The rest is history and my life is forever changed! Big shout out to Ethan for bringing us together! ;)

how they asked

Early Saturday morning I was woken up by Grayson, my now fiancé, walking into my room to deliver a delicious breakfast in bed and then quickly sprinting out. This didn’t seem too out of the ordinary because he has always been quite the romantic. But when I looked down there was a letter addressed to me and a video set up to play. As I watched the video, tears filled my eyes as some of our sweetest memories danced across the screen; memories of where we went to school, memories of where we live now, and memories of my life in Uganda and his visit. good morning video link here. My heart was already exploding and the day hadn’t even begun!! Next I read the letter. He told me to cancel all my plans for the day because the day was going to be all about me, the one he loved.

He continued to explain that instead of trying to pop the question in surprise, (BACKSTORY: I am horrible with surprises) he wanted me to enjoy the whole day with the anticipation and excitement of finally getting engaged!! He ended the letter by saying that there will be clues along the way to find him, but to first get dressed and my ride will arrive at 12:30. It felt like 12:30 was an eternity away!! I eventually ran to my neighbors house and jumped on their bed telling the news, then facetimed a few friends, and finally got around to getting my hair and makeup done. 12:30 arrived and I walked outside to a beautiful, white limo. This felt like a real life fairy-tale and my pumpkin had just arrived.

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My twin sister and I jumped in and clue #2 was waiting which led us to a nail salon. My other two sisters were waiting at the salon to surprise me; it seemed like everyone was in on this day.

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^^ Clue #3 brought me to one of my favorite boutiques, Doll! Grayson had gone to the store the week before and picked out a dress for me to wear. He seriously had everything covered! Amazin’ right??? When I walked into the boutique, I was escorted to one of the dressing rooms in the back. I opened the curtain and SURPRISE my best friend from Texas was there waiting along with Grayson’s dress for me. My fairy-god mother had arrived to get me all dressed up!!

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Clue #4 led me to my parents at the beach where they were waiting to speak a blessing over Grayson and I’s relationship. That was such a sweet moment of my day as my parents approval has always meant the world to me.

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FINALLY clue #5 led me to Grayson on a cliff overlooking Newport Coast! The anticipation and desire to see him was killing me all day. I felt like I was trying to enjoy every moment but really just wanted to see my man. My twin, Alexa, led me down to where Grayson was waiting for me.

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I was so excited to see him but all I could think about was not falling in my heals. Whoops! When I finally got to him we hugged, he showered me in loving words, and asked if I was ready for this. Yes, I was!! :)

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After that everything is a little fuzzy because I was so overwhelmed with how well he loves me. But he first washed my feet as a symbol of wanting to serve me throughout our marriage. Next, he had bought a bible for our future family and read Ephesians 5:1-2 over us. It says “Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”

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He also had taken back the letter that he wrote asking me to be his girlfriend. So he read that letter again before he asked me if I was ready to take the next step in our relationship.

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After that he dropped to one knee, and asked if I would marry him!! I flung my arms around him and said “YES” many times!! The ring wasn’t even a thought in my mind until he asked if he could put it on me! Of course it was my dream ring, just like everything else that day!

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As if this all wasn’t perfect enough, both of our families proceeded to come out from around the corner to surprise us! I got to share my dream moment with the one’s I loved most. After taking pictures, freaking out over the ring, tears, and many hugs we decided to go celebrate at dinner! I got in Grayson’s car and he said we just had to pick up our close family friends then we would be on our way.

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As we arrived at our friend’s house, about fifty of our closest family and friends were outside cheering with a champagne glass in hand, ready to celebrate. Somehow Grayson had managed to get all of my favorite people to keep this massive secret from me for months, including many people flying across the country for it. It was the perfect ending to an already perfect day. Truly magical. We danced, toasted, laughed, cried, and celebrated until midnight.

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That whole day was an ultimate touch of love because every detail was so perfectly created to be exactly what I would want. I still cannot get over it. And I cannot wait for our forever together!!

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Special Thanks

Sara Klepacki
 | Photographer