Grace and Dale

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How We Met

We met when I was a paralegal and Dale retained the attorney I was working for. We had a professional relationship during the course of the 3-month representation, but I still made sure to dress my best on the days I knew Dale was coming in and woke up a little earlier to tame my wild hair ??. I didn’t expect to ever see him again after the representation.. but somehow, he never quite went away lol. We continued to speak almost every day (mostly professional) until he sent three dozen roses to my office with a card that basically said “Thanks for all your help.” ??‍♀️ No one sends three dozen roses because they’re thankful for their paralegal lol so I realized he was a shy guy and continued to go with the flow until he finally asked me out. We took a cab into NYC and for the whole ride, Dale could barely make eye contact with me because he was so nervous. We got to the restaurant and had to wait for our table so I made my way over to the bar and ordered four shots of chilled patron because there was no way I was surviving the night if this kid was going to be that freakin nervous ???. The rest was history ?.

How They Asked

[February 10, 2019] About a week prior, Dale told me he would be receiving the same award his father had received a few years before. I immediately said I couldn’t go because I had a tremendously important practice at my law school. After being yelled at by mom and aunts, I finally informed my colleagues that I would be missing our practice. I was stressed out that entire week because on top of being a full-time student and employee, I was planning my sister’s baby shower (which was the day before, on Feb. 9).

On the morning of February 10th, I got dressed for the “award ceremony” and complained to Dale that we didn’t take a picture together at my sister’s shower the day before (this will be relevant later on). I’m notorious for getting ready last minute and doing my makeup in the car (while Dale drives) so he told me the banquet was at a hall only a few blocks from the house and told me to make sure I actually finished getting ready before left. As I’m putting my jewelry on right before we leave, I put on a ring Dale had bought me a few years earlier.

Where to Propose in Dale’s family business: Taranto Realty LLC

I obliviously look at him while I’m putting it on and say “I guess I’ll have to keep wearing this one until you step it up” ???‍♀️. And he responds with “guess you have a few more years of wearing that one.” Typical Dale. We both laugh and aim for the door, but right before we leave, Dale’s father calls him and asks him to drop off a piece of paper at his office. We’re already running late, I’m still cranky about missing my school obligation, and now we have to drive out of the way for a piece of a paper.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Dale’s family business: Taranto Realty LLC

We finally get to the office (thankfully, because Dale was so nervous he almost got us into an accident). Dale runs inside and texts me a few minutes later to come in so his dad can take a picture of us before we go.. that way we could make up for not taking one together at the baby shower the day before. Keep in mind that be misspelled almost every single word in that text (also nerves ?). As I’m walking up the office stairs I’m wondering why in the hell Dale’s father was blastinggggg John Legend but didn’t think much about it because he always played music in the office (still completely and utterly oblivious). It wasn’t until I reached the door that the world around me stopped moving. All I saw was my best friend, partner, and biggest fan, on his knee in a heart of rose petals, candles, and dozens of pictures of us.

I had no words then and I still haven’t found any now. To call this perfect would be an understatement. Dale has alwaysssss been amazing at surprising me with tokens of his love, but this… this was beyond words. When I reached him, in typical Dale fashion, I wasn’t met with a recitation of words. In fact, the first thing he said to me, silent tears streaming down his face, was “Grace I was so nervous that I broke the ring box.” He put the ring on my finger, forgetting to even ask me to marry him. We both couldn’t stop laughing and crying. As we were hugging he told me there were a few people there to congratulate us.

I turned around and saw both of our families, all hysterically crying, behind the glass doors of the conference room. I was already unable to stand, shaking, and on cloud 9… when I saw our families my knees literally buckled, I sat right on the lit candles, and almost caught fire but thankfully our videographer was there to literally kick me in the ass and save Dale from the shame of an “FDNY Fireman’s Fiancé Catches Fire During Proposal” headline ?. This wasn’t just a surprise… it was the best day of our lives.

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