Grace and Cody

My boyfriend (now fiancé) and I were high school sweethearts who have known each other our whole lives. We were planning on going out to celebrate our 5 year anniversary which is what we normally do for anniversary celebrations.

He had made dinner reservations and had asked me if it was alright if we stopped by the park for a moment to watch the sunset. Of course I agreed because sunsets are my absolute favorite, and that night was a really great one. We walked for a little while on this trail, and even though I was getting tired of walking in heels, he insisted that we kept going. We came across this bridge and I looked up and there was an adorable little puppy sitting at the end! At first I didn’t know it was ours so I yelled, “oh my God, it’s a puppy!” And he waited a second and leaned over and told me, “babe, that’s our puppy!” I couldn’t believe it. His sister handed him to us, and on his collar was a tag saying “will you marry me” and there was a ring attached as well.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Gallup Park in Ann Arbor Michigan

Grace's Proposal in Gallup Park in Ann Arbor Michigan

My heart melted and I was completely shocked! I looked up from the puppy, and saw both of our families, and our friends standing there. I was so surprised. He picked up the puppy and tried to pull the ring off of the ribbon, but he pulled the wrong string, making the knot even tighter! He was so nervous, and I was cry-laughing because it was the sweetest thing ever. It was such a wonderful mess I couldn’t help but love him more at that moment.

Grace and Cody's Engagement in Gallup Park in Ann Arbor Michigan

It took him a minute to take the ring off, and finally, he got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife! It was the happiest moment of my life, and on that day I received a beautiful ring, a fiancé, AND a puppy! He worked so hard to pull this off- especially trying to hide a puppy from me for so long! I am so blessed, and I cannot wait to start our lives together!

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