Grace and Christian

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How We Met

Chris and I met 3 years ago through mutual friends. He became interested in me about a year ago and expressed his feelings to me in June 2015. Unfortunately, I didn’t know him well enough at the time and the feelings weren’t mutual ): fast forward a few months after we had spent the summer together star gazing, hiking, swimming, playing games, & spending time with each other’s family’s and I was definitely interested! I let him know and we started dating in November 2015.

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how they asked

I was making it impossible to be surprised with a proposal, which is what I wanted. I stumbled upon some of Chris’ texts which revealed proposal plans and dates! So with a little bit of quick thinking and a whole lot of spontaneity, Chris ended up proposing to me a few hours after he got the ring (instead of the planned few days later) on a beautiful old bridge over a river at sunset. It was perfect and I was totally surprised!

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