Grace and Chance

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How We Met

We met when he was thinking about moving out to Nevada, where I lived. His mom and my mom, who went to high school together back in the day, suggested we meet up to discuss job opportunities. He texted me the week he was coming to visit and at first I ignored it until my mom had reminded me about it… oops! I had him meet up with me at my job at the time and it was like two puzzle pieces fitting together! We couldn’t stop talking, it was like we were meant to be. The rest was history!

How They Asked

I was led to believe that I had planned this beautiful family day out hiking in the lightly snowy mountains and finishing with a picturesque lunch. Unbeknownst to me, my fiancé, his family, and my mom had planned the whole day. We started with some light hiking to find some fresh snow and good picture backgrounds. We finally found one and stopped for some pictures, my fiancé’s sister and her husband went first taking some boomerangs throwing the snow. My fiancé and I were next up. The first throw was terrible so we had to redo it. I then go to throw up the largest handful of snow I could and next thing I know he has one knee on the ground and is asking me if I will spend the rest of my life with him! I was floored! In between ugly crying I managed to say yes but only after asking him if he was SURE! Best day of my life!